How To Build A Railjack Cephalon Cy In Warframe


A Railjack Cephalon Cy is a crucial component if you want to operate a Railjack battleship in Warframe. You need to build it before you can begin working on the ship. 

The first thing you will need to do is have access to a Dry Dock. Dry Docks are part of a Clan Dojo and need to be built with resources by the Clan. If you are not part of a Clan, you can either begin your own or else join one of the many Clans in the game. Once you are part of a Clan that has built their Dry Dock, just head to the Dojo, find the Dry Dock, and make your way to a platform on the far side from the entrance. 

The platform has two consoles on it, and one of them allows you to research the Railjack Cephalon. The Clan will need to research the technology, and the number of resources show will be affected by multipliers depending on the size of the Clan. The values shown below are for the smallest Clan:

  • 4000 Credits
  • 5 Mutagen Mass
  • 5 Detonite Injectors
  • 5 Fieldron Samples
  • 2 Orokin Cells

Once you research the Railjack Cephalon, anyone in the Clan can replicate a blueprint of it for 35,000 Credits. They then need to build the Cephalon in their Foundry using the following resources:

  • 25,000 Credits
  • 5 Mutagen Mass
  • 5 Detonite Injectors
  • 5 Fieldron
  • 2 Orokin Cells

Once Cephalon Cy is complete, go to your Codex, and find the Rising Tide mission in the Quest sections. Hit begin, and then bring Cephalon Cy to the Dry Dock. Cephalon Cy is automatically in your Inventory, so head to the Dry Dock and install him at the marked console.

Now you have your Railjack Cephalon built and installed. Best of luck, Tenno. 

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