10 best items in the Season One Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

The first Battle Pass impresses with some of the most unique content yet.

Image via Activision

For a first season, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Battle Pass does not disappoint. As usual, there are 100 tiers players will have the opportunity to get through, with most of them unlocking new blueprints, weapons, and cosmetics. As this Battle Pass has so much to see, here’s a quick breakdown of the top 10 items you must have.

10. Servant of Doom

If you’re new here, just know we fancy ourselves some shiny cosmetics when we have the chance to. The Servant of Doom charm is no exception. This spooky piece of metal definitely ranks as one of the best-designed charms ever, as its amethyst gemstones go great with any diamond weapon. It can be unlocked at Tier 97.

9. 80’s Hits

Since its welcomed introduction, Warzone Tracks have quickly become forgotten and rarely used in the battle royale. Thanks to the 80’s Hits collection, there are more quality tunes for your ears to soak in. Most importantly, Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” is among these legendary tracks, and deservingly so. Even for those without the Battle Pass, you can snatch this collection up at Tier 94.

8. Adler Operator

When buying the Battle Pass, owners will instantly have themselves the man, the myth, the legend: Adler. This campaign superstar is a NATO operator that has 10 total skins of his own to unlock. Among them, there’s an old western cowboy look and even a detective getup. Even if you don’t advance far into the pass, Adler is certainly worth the price tag.

7. Scrambler blueprint

With Tactical Rifles becoming the most popular gun class, the Scrambler blueprint proves an excellent starter kit for anyone looking to hop on the bandwagon. As it’s for the Type 63, it supplies the weapon enough firepower to land one to two-shot kills, along with some much-needed accuracy. This can be obtained at Tier 18.

6. El Doctor skin – Garcia Operator

For Zombie lovers, El Doctor should be the first Season One add-on to chase after. This Garcia variant resembles a character straight out of Left 4 Dead or Dead Island and is arguably the best Operator skin for Zombies yet. The El Doctor missions will be available after reaching Tier 20.

5. Ashwood blueprint

Okay, so maybe sniping isn’t as easy as it was in Modern Warfare, but the Ashwood blueprint can put some minds at ease. For the LW3-Tundra, this set of attachments makes it as accurate and lethal as the harder-to-handle Pelington 703. You can collect it yourself at Tier 51.

4. Constable blueprint

Leading the Tactical Rifle trend is no other than the M16. As most know, the gun is incredibly well-rounded but tough to handle at times. With the Constable blueprint, its accuracy is unfathomably better than any other weapon in the entire game. For beginners and veterans alike, keep your eyes out for this unlockable at Tier 85.

3. MAC-10

If you believe you can tame any gun’s sporadic recoil, by all means, challenge yourself with the MAC-10. This lightweight SMG returns to the Black Ops franchise with the fastest firing rate and handling speed in its class. Watch out for this free item at Tier 15.

2. Prisoner skin – Stitch Operator

With Operator Stitch being the focus of the Season One debut trailer, we knew something would make this character noteworthy. Unsurprisingly, it is his Tier 100 skin, Prisoner, that is the best cosmetic to nab in the pass. With it, Stitch trades in his all-black uniform for a restraint mask, horrifying tattoos, and an orange jumpsuit.

1. Groza

In the past, Assault Rifles that were released via the Battle Pass always seemed to underwhelm. Thankfully, the same cannot be said with the new Groza. Although compact, the gun is well-balanced and has a fast Aim Down Sight rate, even without a single attachment on it. With something like Gunfighter, the Groza will be a popular choice for awhile. It can be used at Tier 31.