The 10 best mods for Blade and Sorcery

We have the best mods for you to completely revamp your fantasy, VR experience.


Blade and Sorcery, the built-for-VR medieval fantasy game, is an open sandbox world for players to become a swordsman, archer, or mage. Its use of crazy physics and experimentation help create a world where your imagination can run wild.

With modding, however, that world can open even more for players! Modding is a sure-fire way for anyone to rejuvenate their games and create an entirely new experience completely.

So for those of you looking to open up the world of your imagination even further, we have the 10 best mods for Blade and Sorcery:

Fisher’s Pistols Pack

This mod adds several guns and pistols to the game. It is to help test a standalone firearm framework to the game and is continuously receiving regular updates. Each pistol in this pack is unique, with its sounds, animations, and behaviors, which are all customizable. Also customizable are each one’s ammo capacity, bullet force, and recoil.

Neck Snapper

This mod for the morbidly wicked of us makes a very subtle addition to the game: the ability to snap necks. As the description for the mod says, apply enough pressure and force, and the necks of enemies will snap. It is a dark addition to the game that adds a layer of immersion that is rarely seen. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. But we won’t deny the sick satisfaction of being able to finish our enemies in this way.


This mod is quite simple: It adds a katana for players to use as a weapon for satisfying slicing, dicing, and dismemberment. There is also blunt damage included in the handle of the katana, beyond just the blade.

Medieval MegaPack

With this mod, you can add 90 realistic, Medieval-style weapons of various Medieval-European origins. Enemies will equip them, too, making each battle authentic and historically-accurate.

Easier Dismemberment

This is an updated version of an earlier mod which, you guessed it, makes it easier for you to dismember enemies. What this version fix was an issue with t-posing that the original mod caused.

Dark Chains

Want to use telekinesis to push and pull your adversaries all around the battlefield? With this mod, you can do just that.

The Outer Rim

This mod is perhaps our favorite, as it completely changes the game into a Star Wars experience. This includes adding:

  • Lightsabers, blasters, helmets, and more
  • Custom maps
  • Interchangeable lightsaber kyber crystals, plus lightsaber blade length adjustment
  • Weapon fire mods, functions scopes with adjustable zoom, and alternate fire attacks such as stun
  • Many, many, waves of A.I.


This mod gives players a Lightning spell to equip, giving them a variety of lightning-based powers to use, such as electric punches, levitation, and electrifying objects and enemies that you grab.

Knight Training

This mod is an add-on to “The Outer Rim” mod, which changes several gameplay features of the Star Wars add-on. This includes being able to deflect bolts easier with your lightsaber, lightsabers being able to pierce enemies upon activation, and force pushing.

Infinity Gauntlet

Want to feel like the Mad Titan himself and wield the power of the Infinity Stones? With this mod, the Infinity Gauntlet can be yours to wield. Here are the ways you can use the stones to your benefit:

Power Stone
Left Trigger: Shoot a powerful beam that can launch objects and enemies!

Space Stone
Left Trigger: Meteor summon, summon a meteor to strike down your enemies!
Right Trigger: Discombobulation!

Reality Stone
Left Trigger: ENLARGE your enemies
Right Trigger: UNENLARGE your enemies

Soul Stone
Right Trigger: Revive, revives all.
Left Trigger: Soul Leech, suck the health from your enemies to heal yourself!

Time Stone
Right Trigger: Time Freeze (less buggy and overall better), freezes all NPC’s in the arena!
Left Trigger: Time Unfreeze, unfreezes all NPC’s in the arena

Mind Stone
Right Trigger: Mind Fly, Fly with the mind stone! hold down the trigger to fly and point in the direction you wanna fly in
Left Trigger: Enemy Ally, ally random enemies in the arena to fight for you!

Right Trigger: Infinity Shockwave, send out a powerful INFINITY shock with the stones to make all enemies fall over in the arena! (hold the trigger to charge and release to send the shockwave
Left Trigger: S N A P, randomly kill 50% of the enemies in the arena to make the arena perfectly balanced.

With any of these mods, you can make your Blade and Sorcery experience even better and crazy. Each one will add something new to the game that you won’t want to miss out on.

Blade and Sorcery is available now on Steam.