The 10 best mods for Blade and Sorcery

We have the best mods for you to completely revamp your fantasy, VR experience.

Blade and Sorcery is a built-for VR medieval fantasy game where you can become a swordsman, archer, or a mage, wielding a variety of powers in a sandbox world where you can test these skills. You can add numerous mods to the experience, adding an even larger arsenal to your scope, enhancing your adventure. These are some of the best mods we’ve been able to find that the Blade and Sorcery community has created.


Have you ever wanted to control daggers and send them flying at your enemies, only to have them fly back to you? With the Daggerbending mod, you’ll be able to summon daggers to your location, send them flying into an enemy’s skull, or add a spell to the attack to enhance it even further, potentially having it explode into the side of an enemy’s head. The mod is quite a bit of fun, and you can keep your distance from attackers.

Doom Eternal Crucible

Image via Huff9145

The Doom guy shouldn’t have all the fun. For those who have had the pleasure of playing Doom Eternal, you can now wield the Doom guy’s legendary Crucible sword, capable of cutting any enemy right down the middle, and potentially hitting the person standing behind them. This weapon feels heavy, but with a deft hand, you’ll become a natural.

Enchanted Weapons

Image via EmClear

The enchanted weapons mod adds a variety of flair and visual enhancements to the standard weapons in Blade and Sorcery. These weapons do not have special abilities or enchanted skills added to them, they merely an additional layer of glamour to each swing and stab with your weapons. If you’re bored with the standard weapons, the enchanted weapons mod provides a refreshing experience.

Gravity Hammer

Image via Roboloid

The mighty gravity hammer featured in Halo 3 can be yours to wield. You’ll be able to smash your foes to tiny meat chunks with a single swing. The mod gives you a gravity mod that you can add to the hammer, sending your enemy’s flying into the air, and the weapon has a distinct blue glow to it. Be prepared to watch a defeated foe fly through the air after you’ve unleashed a satisfying two-handed swing.


Image via Wikipediaorg

This mod adds a katana to your arsenal. It’s a weapon that’s slightly shorter than the longsword, so you’ll have to watch your weapon much more when battling others in Blade and Sorcery. While this is not the most impactful mod and doesn’t change the gameplay too much, it can be fun to include a new weapon in your armory to test out, potentially giving you a new level of difficulty in battle.

Leviathan Axe

Image via somethingUnderscore

If you can become the Doom guy with the Crucible sword, you can become old man Kratos with the Leviathan Axe. You can summon fireballs to throw at your enemies using this ax and slam it into the ground to shake the earth, causing them to fall with a satisfying gravity slam. If you’ve ever wanted to feel the power of the God of War in your hand, this ax gives you the strength.

Magical Ward

Image via Wully

Protect yourself in style with the Magical Ward mod. You’ll be able to summon a pair of shields in your hand to defend yourself from incoming attack. Rather than holding a traditional shield, you can use a power similar to Doctor Strange, and have a barrier defending you. By holding a sword in one hand, and the magical ward in the other, you’ll be difficult to beat.


Image via Awonya

A game full of weapons and a capable community creating outstanding mods wouldn’t feel complete if they did have a Mjolnir mod, adding Thor’s iconic hammer to the game. The hammer comes with incredible damage and some serious knockback, giving anyone who opposes you the full might of Thor’s power. Whenever you throw the hammer out to hit an opponent, you can recall it to your grip, ensuring you’re never too far away from the God of Thunder’s mighty weapon.

Modern Knife and Gun pack

Image via MrInsane27

What better advantage can you have against other medieval fighters than to have a modern day gun or knife available to you? The modern knife and gun pack mod gives you several weapons that you’d never find in an ancient arena, giving you the chance to mow enemies down with well-timed shots, tactical daggers, or even the strength of the mighty bowie knife. There are 19 modern-day weapons you can choose to wield, making you unstoppable.

Star Wars Jetpack

Image via DarthTav

How high can you fly in a jetpack? The Star Wars Jetpack mod gives you access to the incredibly high-tech jetpack used by infamous bounty hunters Jango Fett and Boba Fett. You’ll be able to fly circles around your opponents, staying away from their medieval weapons, and you can easily dodge out of the way of their arrows. The mod works with several other Star Wars mods on the Nexusmod website that you can use to become the ultimate bounty hunter in virtual reality.