10 best Monsters in Summoners War (2021)

Putting together the best squad.

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There are plenty of Monsters for you to unlock in Summoners War, each one providing its own style, move-set, and usefulness to your team. Taking these creatures out for turn-based battles makes up a good chunk of the game, so you will want to make sure you have the best one available to use.

We determined which Monsters were our favorites and were the options we think you should focus on unlocking and building up. Our list comprises the Monsters that are best for both PvE and PvP, as many of them are great options for whichever area you focus on playing in. It is mostly made up of Monsters with 4 or 5-star ratings, the rarest ones. This increase in rarity exists for a reason and is a large part of why these are the best Monsters to be using.

Akhamamir (Wind Ifrit)

Image via Summoners War Database

Akhamamir is an absolute monster in terms of Offense at any stage in the game. Their Mega Smash dishes out good damage and continues for two turns, the Super Crush will hit and stun every enemy, and Mach Crush will devastate every enemy as well. With that kind of firepower, you can’t go wrong in using Akhamamir for any offensive need. It is weaker in terms of Defense (obviously), but it makes up for it with just what it can do. If you combine with Akhamamir with the proper allies, who can help keep them alive and fighting, then you are going to be in really great shape.

Dark Homunculus (Unbalanced Field Path)

Image via Summoners War Database

Dark Homunculus is well-rounded, with their only real weak point when trying to defend in Guild Wars. Other than that area, though, they can be a solid choice for every part of the game. He is a perfect offensive option, coming in with some solid base stats that you can level up and improve on as you level them up. You really can’t go wrong in choosing Dark Homunculus in just about any capacity.

Elsharion (Light Ifrit)

Image via Summoners War Database

Elsharion is one of the most balanced Monsters in the game, bringing both offensive and supportive capabilities. His Mega Smash will deal out substantial damage over the course of two turns, and his Master of Magic Power will let him steal beneficial effects from enemies and even apply to all allies. He has a very high Defense stat to complement his Attack, which is always a potent combo.

Jeanne (Light Paladin)

Image via Summoners War Database

Jeanne comes with a heft Leader Skill that will boost the Resistance of ally enemies in Guild Battles, which can help. The boost is a whopping 55% too, which is nothing to laugh at. She is also a very fast Monster, coming in at 102 once she is Awakened. Jeanne’s biggest drawback is that she isn’t very useful in Dungeons, as so many other Monsters provide better benefits when running through them.

Sigmarus (Water Phoenix)

Image via Summoners War Database

Sigmarus is a key Monster to have, especially when you are playing through the game’s Dungeons. Sigmarus’ Leader Skill gives a 44% boost to all ally health while in a Dungeon, which is a huge bump. His attack abilities are all incredibly effective, especially its Ice Volcano ability. This attack will use an exploding volcano to inflict damage to all enemies based on their Max HP while also decreasing their Attack Power for two turns.

Tesarion (Fire Ifrit)

Image via Summoners War Database

Despite not being a great option for Dungeons, Tesarion is pretty solid just about everywhere else. He excels in PvP, specifically in Guild Wars. His ability to inflict the Oblivion effect on enemy monsters not only reduces their usefulness but will also make them far easier to kill. He is also great in Raids, thanks to his solid base stats and the good amount of damage he can do.

Theomars (Water Ifrit)

Image via Summoner Wars Database

Water Ifrit is an absolute monster when in PvP because of its ability to utilize runes to increase its damage output that will chain between enemies. It also has a solid defense stat which means that it can be challenging to take down. Almost all of its abilities will last for a solid amount of turns, and it is an excellent offensive option. Even more, Theomars’ Leader Skill will increase the Critical Rate of every ally by 24%.

Veromos (Dark Ifrit)

Image via Summoners War Database

Veromos is a Monster best used when focusing on Speed, coming in at 100 once Awakened. She is also excellent to use in Dungeons and can provide a great boost for beginning players. When using his AoE stun attack, Super Crush will also deal damage proportionate to its max HP. He does lose some utility around the mid-game, as you unlock more Monsters that offer better advantages for the mid-game activities, but it’s not enough to warrant getting rid of him entirely.

Water Homunculus (Ice Mist Path)

Image via Summoner Wars Database

One of the best parts of using Water Homunculus is that its passive ability, Magic Power Explosion, will revive the Monster at 50% when you are hit with fatal damage. What’s more is that it will be in the Magic Power Explosion, giving a boost of 30% to all damage done to enemies. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to control this, and it will go away at the end of your turn, but it’s absolutely worth it and can be a huge help in a pinch.

Xiong Fei (Fire Panda Warrior)

Image via Summoners War Database

Xiong Fei is pretty balanced, bringing some good support abilities to remove harmful effects and bump up ally defenses. He is really good when tackling the NB10 Dungeon, where his ability to hit enemies with three solid strikes rapidly. He is also great in Raids, once he is Awakened and has some good Speed. He can take some solid damage and is easy to kit out with runes.