10 Best Upcoming Cozy Game Demos You Can Play During Steam Next Fest

If you’re looking for some cozy games to get excited for, check out these free demos available now on Steam

Upcoming Cozy Game Demos You Can Play for Free on Steam

Image via YarnCat Games & Steam

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Demos let gamers get a taste of what’s to come, and right now, Steam is chock full of them thanks to Steam Next Fest. During this event, developers are streaming live gameplay of their upcoming releases and sharing demos for gamers to try.

As a cozy gaming fan, I’m always on the lookout for my next fix whether it’s witchy goodness, visual novels, or yet another farming sim. There are a ton of exciting cozy games featured in Steam Next Fest, which means there are plenty of cozy game demos that fans can check out right now. I’m here sharing the hype about 10 amazing games you can try out for free right now on Steam.

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Magical Delicacy

Magical Delicacy Game Demo
Image via Whitethorn Games

In this witchy 2D platformer with pixel graphics, you can live your Kiki’s Delivery Service dreams by delivering treats around town. You’ll cook up magical delicacies, then explore the town to deliver them to townsfolk.

Magical Delicacy is being developed by Skaule and published by Whitethorn Games. The full version is set to release sometime this year on Steam and Xbox Game Pass.

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge

Kamaeru A Frog Refuge Game Demo
Image via Armor Games Studios

This game takes the popular cat sanctuary game model and puts a froggy spin on it. In Kamearu: A Frog Refuge, you run a wildlife sanctuary for frogs while helping to restore the local biodiversity. Adorable and sustainability-focused.

Kamaeru: A Frog Refuge comes from developer Humble Reeds and Armor Games Studios. It has an unspecified 2024 release date and will be available on Steam.


Capybarista Game Demo
Image via YarnCat Games

There may come a day when I can resist a game title with a pun, but it is not this day. Capybarista is exactly what it sounds like- a cozy cafe game where you’re a capybara running a coffee shop. Honestly, no notes.

Capybarista is the creation of developer YarnCat. The release date for the full game has yet to be announced.

Taking Root

Taking Root Game Demo
Image via hacktic

If you keep killing real-life plants but love the idea of them, Taking Root just might be the cozy game for you. In this game, you take care of houseplants and watch them thrive while adding to your collection to watch your urban garden grow.

Game developer Hacktic plans to release the full version of Taking Root during Q2 of 2024.

Rolling for Romance

Rolling for Romance game demo
Image via Hermit’s House

Rolling for Romance is a slice-of-life dating sim centered around Dungeons & Dragons. The game features four different dating options & customizable pronouns, with dice rolls to help decide your romantic fate.

The exact release date for Rolling for Romance hasn’t been set. It’s being developed by Hermit’s House.

Minami Lane

Minami Lane Game Demo
Image via Doot

Minami Lane is a cozy management sim where you control a little street of your own, unlocking and customizing a variety of buildings to keep the locals happy.

Minami Lane will be released on February 28 of this year, so we’re just a few short weeks away from the full version of this cozy game, which will initially be released on Steam only. It is the “collaborative effort of Dorian (Doot), Doriane (Blibloop), and Antoine (Zakku).”

Potions: A Curious Tale

Potions A Curious Tale Game Demo
Image via Stumbling Cat

In Potions: A Curious Tale, you play as a young witch who uses potions to overcome obstacles. This is an adventure & crafting RPG, so there’s a bit of combat to contend with, but it still gives me the cozy vibes.

The full version of Potions: A Curious Tale comes out on March 7 2024 for PC & Mac via Steam. It was developed by Stumbling Cat.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions

Spirit City Lofi Sessions Game Demo
Image via Mooncube Games

This one’s a little different, but I couldn’t help but include it because who doesn’t need a gamified focus tool in their lives? Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is set to a Lofi soundtrack as you customize your cozy space and collect spirits, all while checking off your real-life to-do list.

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions comes out on April 8 2024 from Mooncube Games. It is available on PC.


Folklands Game Demo
Image via Tribal Storm

Folklands is a relaxing settlement builder full of simulated citizens you’re striving to keep content. Harvest materials, set up your settlement, and expand to create a civilization full of happy citizens.

The release date for the full version of Folklands has yet to be announced by developer Bromantic Games. As of now, the game will be released on Steam initially.

Cozy Room Decorator

Cozy Room Decorator game demo
Image via Lucky Roll Studio

Aspiring interior designers and folks who spend all their Sims time in build mode, this one’s for you. Cozy Room Decorator is a casual sandbox game where you design rooms with a variety of items and styles.

Cozy Room Decorator comes out on March 18, 2024, from Lucky Roll Studio via Steam.