10 Most Ridiculous Ship Designs in Starfield

Starfield offers players the opportunity to build their dream spaceship – however, some fans have taken designs to a new level.

Image by Gamepur

Creativity knows no bounds in the vast, boundless expanse of Starfield’s space. Some players have plastered their creative skills to make the most jaw-dropping ships ever touching the cosmos. However, and we will be pointing our fingers here, others have come up with outlandish and ridiculous ship designs.

Whether you’re soaring through space in a duck-shaped vessel or battling foes in a mecha inspired by Battle Toads, these ships remind us that in gaming, the sky is not the limit — it’s just the beginning.

Duck Ship

ridiculous starfield duck ship
Image via Reddit

User VinylScratch01 designed a ship in the shape of a duck. This whimsical vessel has a beak, eyes, and duck feet. While we’ve only seen it in the shipbuilding garage, one can only imagine the quacking missiles it might launch into the depths of space. Perhaps it fancies itself a goose and seeks chaos among the stars.

Pistol Ship

ridiculous starfield pistol ship
Image via Reddit

This is a thoroughly designed and marvelously detailed rendition of a pistol that, unlike any other guns in Starfield, can take you for a trip into space. All things considered, this should have been the reward for completing the Freestar Ranger faction quest. The ship design gets even more ridiculous in action in Starfield, as the ship’s UI suits the gun design perfectly, doubling a second, much larger scope.

Sandwich Ship

Image via Reddit

In a nod to the popular sandwich meme, BulletTheoryN7 designed a ship that could store sandwiches of all kinds — a basic ham, tomato, and lettuce sandwich, to be precise. Some Starfield ship creators may have indulged in a cosmic snack while designing their crafts, but I’m more than grateful to have witnessed the birth of a ship that perfectly complements the sandwich hoarder build.

Battle Toad Ship

Image via Reddit

100percentalgodon earns a spot in this list of the most ridiculous Starfield ships because it’s a mecha and a Battle Toad-inspired one. My only technical issue with it is that, as you seem to board through its right foot, getting to the cockpit would be quite stamina-consuming.

Formula 1 Ship

Image via Reddit

This ship build is worthy of a spot in the official Formula 1 Exhibition. The cleverly designed car spoiler and the tires show an insane amount of detail in this design. However, as cool as it looks in the shipbuilder, we mustn’t forget that this didn’t come out of F1 22; this is still a Bethesda game about space. Who knows, perhaps in the year 2330, we’ll see Lewis Hamilton flying through space.

Titanic Ship

Image via Reddit

With a pun as its selling point, the Titanic-inspired ship by oakensteed has an even more significant selling point: a picture of his character and Sarah Morgan cosplaying as Rose and Jack. It’s a clever and ridiculous Starfield ship design. It brings to mind the idea of Final Fantasy XII set in space, which could have led to even more Star Wars copycat allegations.

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Venusaur Ship

Image via Reddit

BradfordTheGreat aptly named his ship Venus Soar, and for that, he earns a spot on this most ridiculous Starfield ships list. This ship is designed to look like Venusaur, the Grass-Type starter Pokemon, and it’s magnificently achieved. As it gracefully traverses the cosmos, it’s hard not to hope for more Pokémon-themed ship designs, perhaps even a Charizard blazing through the stars.

Tardis Ship

Image via Reddit

It’s crazy that someone made a functioning, flying Tardis in Starfield. Alas, just like the square Tardis mug every Whovian used to own back in the 2010s, this ship is apparently “prettier on the outside.” You know, if the Tardis did have a few missile launchers and a rail gun, perhaps the seasons would be shorter

Crab Ship

Image via Reddit

Covfefepoops brings us the Crab Ship, complete with menacing claws. While the game limitations prevent the claws from grabbing enemy ships mid-air, the modding community may find a way to make it happen. Imagine a cosmic crustacean clamping onto other vessels in the depths of space.

Train Ship

Image via Reddit

Harry Potter, Bullet Train, and Snowpiercer don’t hold a candle against lemonprincess23‘s Starfield ship design. Plus, you have to love the ample cargo space. Despite some functional limitations, this training ship offers ample cargo space and the potential for modding to overcome the game’s constraints.