Starfield Players Chew the Fat Over the Effectiveness of Sandwiches

One Starfield fan’s disbelief over the power of sandwiches has sparked some of the best conversations about the game so far.

sandwich in starfield

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Starfield fans who purchased the Premium Edition of the game have been playing it for the last four days or so over the weekend ahead of the title’s official launch and release on Game Pass. After the initial slew of posts about how impressed they were by the scope and feel of the game’s universe, fans are starting to touch on more specific, slightly silly issues.

Earlier today, one Starfield fan created a post about the game’s sandwiches, asking why eating a mountain of them wouldn’t heal their character’s bullet wounds. Responses have been mixed, given how this system works in past Bethesda titles.

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Fans Discuss Why Starfield’s Sandwiches Can’t Heal Bulletholes

A recent post on the Starfield Subreddit from one user asks why a mountain of sandwiches only heals roughly a quarter of their character’s health. In past Bethesda RPGs, it’s been possible to pause the game in the middle of combat to eat all the food items a character is holding and completely heal them. Starfield is much more realistic though, which is why sandwich mountains are useless in a gunfight.

While this post may initially have been serious since the expectation in Bethesda games is for characters to be able to eat their way through battles, the comments show everyone else has accepted this change. In fact, they love how it highlights the broken concept from previous titles. “Eating sandwich does not heal bullet wounds.” Although some prefer an alternative spacefaring delicacy, “Imagine eating sandwich when you could eat CHUNKS.”

We believe the shift in focus from all food resources and aid items being viable for healing to only aid items makes the game feel a bit more realistic. Most players agree, and they seem to enjoy how it differentiates Starfield’s systems. “Because having 500+ HP and those random food items giving you a fixes 3-10 HP doesn’t do s**t. Good they made med packs % based. It’s mostly for cooking anyway. No point eating anything but med/trauma packs.”

The comment we love best from this post is about a potential future game mode. “They will be useful in survival mode.” This sparked a big conversation about how good a survival mode would be in Starfield and how more than just eating to keep a character alive could play into it.

Just within this small discussion, players dive into the concepts they’d like to see in a future update or mode based around survival, one that adds eating requirements, Helium-3 harvesting, and even more debt. “I really hope they’ll add some kind of fuel system as a hardcore survival mode. If you get stranded in space you could maybe call a service to take you back to a planet which you owe money incase you didnt had any on you. We need more debt!” It’s only a matter of time before a Starfield modder takes these comments seriously like many did with Skyrim.