Starfield: How to Decorate Your Ship with Weapons and Armor

Decorating your ship with hard-won weapons and armor in Starfield is great fun.

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One of the best ways to make your ship feel like home in Starfield is to decorate it with the weapons and armor you collect as you adventure. The trouble is, not every ship you find out in the wild has the proper modules equipped, and if you want to show off your armor as well as your weapons, not every module that can hold your gear has the ability to showcase everything. We’ll go over the best ways to decorate your ship with all your best-looking equipment in this Starfield guide.

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How to Show Off Your Weapons and Armor On Your Ship

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If you want to decorate your Starfield ship with your weapons and armor, you need to buy and equip an Armory somewhere on it. You can purchase Armory modules at any Ship Services vendor at any major port in the Setlled Systems, but none share inventory. Depending on where you are, the vendors will have different module brands. Complicating matters further, not every Armory has the manikins that allow you to showcase your armor.

The only Armory module brand I could find with manikins was Nova Galactic. Each of their Armories came with multiple weapons cases, two manikins, two weapons racks, and storage chests. Other modules you would think to have spaces to show off your loot, like Cargo Bays, may have the odd storage chest and plenty of open shelving space, but if you want a place to store your weapons and armor in a way that really makes them look good, the Nova Galactic Armory is the way to go.

Once you have the space to store your gear, you can simply interact with the various stands, racks, and other storage. Weapons and ammo will automatically display, though you need to select Equip at the bottom right for your armor to show up on the manikin. I’ve got the Mantis Armor set up in my ship, and I recommend only storing gear you have a lot of connection to but don’t use anymore for one reason or another.

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That said, I also recommend having a Stroud Armory for storing additional weapons and loot. While the Nova Galatic version has plenty of space, the Stroud modules are better proportioned for weapon display. The cases and racks are spread out in a more visually appealing style and are given significantly more space on the walls and tables.

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One final note: every time you make an edit to your ship in the Ship Builder, everything not already nailed down will be moved to your cargo hold. That includes any items on manikins or weapons racks. You also obviously will need to replace your showcase items if you capture an enemy ship and it with an armory. Other than that, display the weapons and armor that matter most to you and that you think look the best.