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5 letter words starting with FI – Wordle Game Help

All five letter words starting with FI to help with today's Wordle.

Trying to solve today’s Wordle with the clues you have? You know that the first two letters of the word are “FI” but you don’t seem to know any other letters. You know that Wordle won’t quiz you on some obscure words, but that doesn’t help you narrow down the correct word. With the help of a word list that only contains words with those clues, you might be able to find the answer on your own.

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If you still struggle to find the correct answer, there are tips that can help you narrow down the word list and help you maintain your daily streak.

What five letter words start with “FI”?

There are 33 common words that start with the letters “FI”, which are:

  • Fiber
  • Fibre
  • Field
  • Fiend
  • Fiery
  • Fifth
  • Fifty
  • Fight
  • Filch
  • Filed
  • Files
  • Filet
  • Fills
  • Filly
  • Films
  • Filmy
  • Filth
  • Final
  • Finds
  • Fined
  • Finer
  • Fines
  • Finis
  • Fired
  • Firee
  • Firms
  • First
  • Firth
  • Fishy
  • Fixed
  • Fixer
  • Fixes
  • Fizzy

If you struggle to narrow down the word list even with these ideas, here are some tips you can try:

  • Don’t discount duplicate letter words. A good portion of the list has duplicate letters (ie. words with two “E”s), and eliminating them too early could lock you out of today’s answer. Try to eliminate other letters and see if you can eliminate the list that way.
  • Eliminate words whose tested letters are not in today’s word. For example, if you test “Fired” and discover that the last three letters aren’t correct, you can eliminate any word with those letters. If one of them is incorrect, words with those letters won’t be correct no matter the combination. This cuts down the list significantly.
  • Look at letters you have already tried. Sometimes you skip letters you already tried before looking for clues. They may hold answers that you know/don’t know that lead to today’s answer.

With the above word list and tips, you should be able to narrow down today’s Wordle.

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