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5 Letter Words Starting with G – Wordle Game Help

We’ll find Wordle players a worthwhile guess.
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In a game of guessing five letters like Wordle, having only one to work with can be quite a daunting task. However, if you have the first letter correctly pinned it can make subsequent guesses much easier, where the brain can run wild with whatever different G sounds come to mind. Knowing what words to use and when can make this linguistic fire sale flow much smoother.

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This large type of fruit features a double vowel in OU, rapidly testing two of the five vowels and giving the word effective use in the early stages of a Wordle game. Additionally, gourd’s rarity in common English use and phonetic uniquity give it that tip-of-the-tongue quality when trying to pinpoint a final word guess within very narrow letter limitations.


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Shining a light on glare, the word functions identically to gourd in that both clear a pair of vowels as first or second guesses. However, glare is capable of checking for an introductory GL in words, potentially cornering the final word to something like glows or the more cumbersome glint.


Following the trends set by the other words in this list, two standard vowels are tested when using gaudy as a Wordle guess. However, trying to use a Y as the final letter can check for other short adjectives such as grimy.

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