5 letter words starting with RIPE – Wordle Game Help

All five letter words starting with RIPE to help with today’s Wordle.

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Are you stumped by today’s Wordle clues? You figured out that the first four letters in the answer are “RIPE,” but you can’t figure out the final letter. Wordle isn’t in the habit of throwing obscure words at you, but you can’t seem to think of other words that fit the criteria. But you could maintain your daily streak if you have a word list that only includes words that match the requirements.

If the word list isn’t sufficient to help you narrow the possibilities, there are tips you can use to give you some ideas about eliminating words.

What five-letter words start with RIPE?

There are four words that are five letters long that start with “RIPE,” which are:

  • Riped
  • Ripen
  • Riper
  • Ripes

The good news is, if you have four tries remaining, you can’t go wrong with the list. You have, at most, six attempts and four entries on the list. As long as you try them all, one of them is bound to be the correct answer. It is the easiest way to maintain your streak without all the guesswork.

But if you tried playing Wordle before and have less than four tries, you must use your remaining tries well. Otherwise, you will lose your streak without being careful. As long as you don’t have one try remaining, you should be able to try these tips.

  • Find words that include all the last letters of the words on the list. For example, you can use “Drink,” which contains a “D,” “N,” and an “R.” If any of those letters come up as correct, but in the wrong position, you know what the word must be. The first four letters are confirmed to be “RIPE,” which means you only need one more letter to complete the word. Should all three letters be wrong, you know the final word must be correct.
  • Look at previous clues you found while attempting today’s puzzle. If you already uncovered that “D” is not one of the correct letters, then “Riped” isn’t going to be the correct answer. That allows you to choose from “Ripen,” “Riper,” and “Ripes”. You likely have other clues and can narrow down the list even further.

As long as you pay attention to the clues you already know, and think about how to utilize the possible words, you will get today’s Wordle.