5 letter words starting with RU – Wordle Game Help

All five letter words starting with RU to help you with today’s Wordle.

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Is today’s Wordle giving you a headache because you can’t make sense of the words? Knowing that the first two letters are “RU” is a big hint, but you can’t think of words that fit those criteria. It’s definitely a word that people use since Wordle won’t throw an obscure word in your direction. But you might need a word list that compiles all the words with those two letters in front to jog your memory.

If the word list doesn’t help you narrow down the possibilities, some tips can help make things easier by giving you advice that maintains your streak.

What five letter words start with RU?

There are 14 common five-letter words that start with the letters “RU,” which are:

  • Ruddy
  • Ruder
  • Ruffe
  • Rugby
  • Ruins
  • Ruled
  • Ruler
  • Rules
  • Rumen
  • Rummy
  • Rumor
  • Runny
  • Rural
  • Rusty

There are significantly more words than you have tries, and the following tips can help:

  • Don’t just go down the list alphabetically. While it might be tempting to start with “Ruddy,” you might not get it on the first try and waste valuable tries if you are just guessing. Jump around the list and try other words first rather than wasting them all on the first six words.
  • Eliminate words with letters that you know are incorrect. For example, if you choose “Ruins” and discover that the word doesn’t have the letters “I,” “N,” or “S,” then you can eliminate words in the list that have those letters. This narrows down the list and helps you focus on words that actually could be today’s Wordle.
  • Don’t ignore duplicate letter words. While some Wordle answers typically have unique letters, this list has many duplicate letter words. Try them out to help you eliminate words that clearly aren’t correct.

With the above word list and the following tips, you should be able to find today’s Wordle.