5 tips you need to know for MUT draft in Madden 23

Draft the next team of champions.

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Madden Ultimate Team is clearly EA’s focus in Madden 23. Sometimes, building your team can be intimidating, and you just want to try out some cards in a less stressful environment. That’s where MUT Draft comes in. MUT Draft has been reworked heavily this year, and we’re going to give you all the tips and secrets to help you get the most out of your draft. Here are five big things you need to know about MUT Draft.

Do your best to fill every position

If you are playing MUT Draft against other people, you should go into the game with the assumption that your opponent will have the best possible cards. What you don’t want is to have a situation where a 73 OVR-rated cornerback has to spend an entire game matched up against an 88 OVR-rated wide receiver, so be careful who you draft.

Don’t overfill your roster

There are no injuries in MUT, so you absolutely do not need to Draft two quarterbacks. You should only draft two halfbacks if you are insistent on having a run-only offense that will drain your stamina. You don’t need more than two defensive tackles and you don’t need more than three wide receivers.

MUT Draft is free to enter

For the first time since it was introduced MUT Draft is now free to enter. In the past, MUT Draft was a coin sink that you had to pay into. EA has made the decision to remove the entry gate, but that also means that the rewards are slightly reduced.

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There are no abilities

One of the biggest changes to Madden 23 is that the traditional power-up structure is dead, which means that the ‘champion’ cards that you can create from completing sets have abilities baked into their art. You are free to draft these players in MUT Draft but even if the cards say they have X Factors and abilities they do not.

Win or go home

In an effort to make the drafting experience more streamlined, you do not have the ability to lose. Your goal is to win four games in a row, and if you can’t do that, you must start over, so be careful to draft players that you feel comfortable with.