6 great Minecraft Staircase design ideas and concepts

Some great unusual concepts.

Screengrab via Skip the Tutorial’s YouTube

One of the more minor features of any house or building that many players might ignore is the staircase. Most players focus on the customization of the house but leave the staircase as it is, which often ruins the overall aesthetic. Hence, we’re listing six great Minecraft Staircase design ideas and concepts that players can use.

Boat Staircase

Screengrab via Skip the Tutorial’s YouTube

Although boats are definitely suited for carrying you on water, these can also be implemented on a staircase. Put these boats in an angular formation, and you got yourself a perfectly functional staircase. What’s fascinating about this staircase design is that if you hold right-click when climbing the stairs, you’ll reach the top within no time.

Dual Staircase

Screengrab via Grian’s YouTube

As the name suggests, you can build two instead of one set of stairs. Overall, Dual Staircase looks classier and is not hard to construct. The design is perfect for a mansion or a big building in general. One tip to make the overall design more unique is that you can add an entrance door below the arch where both sets of staircases meet.

Simple Spruce Staircase

Screengrab via sillyblocks’ YouTube

Spruce wood is a fancier version of the normal wood and is certainly a resource you can use for building a staircase. There is another twist while opting for this style of staircase. Instead of using Spruce wood entirely for building the staircase, you can use Andesite between the Spruce wood to give it a more distinct look.

Spiral Staircase

Screengrab via Dissonance Gaming’s YouTube

A straight staircase might be more common, but it’s not the only way to go. Instead of building a straight staircase, you can also choose a spiral one for your build. You can either use wood or stone blocks as the material doesn’t really matter. You can also put flower pots and fire torches to beautify the staircase.

Steep Staircase

Screengrab via Alexa Real’s YouTube

A steep staircase is similar to a ladder with additional length. It’s almost vertical, making it more thrilling to climb than a normal staircase. If it were in real life, this particular staircase would be very exhausting to climb, but this is worth trying in the Minecraft world.

Water Staircase

Screengrab via Skip the Tutorial’s YouTube

One great feature of the Minecraft world is it lets you defy the normal rule of physics that would otherwise be impossible. Hence, you can build a staircase completely build out of water blocks. Not only is this an out of the box design, but it also looks super cool. That said, since you are going upstream, your speed will be slower than usual.