A beginner’s guide to Green Hell – How to play Green Hell

It’s going to hurt.

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Green Hell is as the name suggests a very difficult game in a very green landscape. Left lost and alone in the wild Amazon Rainforest, you must gather your wits and resources to survive most of the natural world trying to kill you in some or other form. This guide will describe the systems of the game and how best to survive, but it is still highly likely you might die. The game does provide a tutorial, which is highly recommended to play through, but here’s a refresher.

The basics

You have the standard aspects of the survival genre: the Health, Stamina, and Energy bars. However, Green Hell adds on some extras to spice it up. You have to also balance your Sanity with your Nutrients at the same time. Nutrients in this game are divided up into four main aspects:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fats
  • Hydration

These are viewable on the watch that the player is wearing, which is pulled up by pressing the default bound F key on your keyboard. You can scroll through further features on your watch by scrolling on your middle mouse wheel.

Sanity is viewable by looking at the bottom left corner of your HUD and is indicated by a head icon over the main stat bars. Sanity is affected by many different things, and when that bar goes up, it means something isn’t right on your character’s body. To check what’s possibly wrong, hold the C key and use the radial wheel to select inspect — you can then rotate the various quadrants of your body to see what’s gone wrong and treat accordingly.

Food, water, and shelter

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Food is essential to keeping your health up and if your health runs out you die, so it’s important to eat and eat the right food frequently. In the beginning, your options are limited, but at the starting area, there are often Bananas and red-colored Unknown Mushrooms. These two provide enough food for you to stay alive, note that the red-colored Unknown Mushrooms also have the added benefit of reducing Parasites that you get from drinking Unsafe water.

Screenshot by Gamepur.

Water is found in abundance in the Amazon Rainforest. However, not much of it is safe to drink. Drinking from the rivers and the ponds gives you Parasites and can be lethal if not taken care of. To avoid this, you can also drink from Coconuts which are knocked off of trees by flinging Stones. Chopping the Green Coconut once with your ax clears the exterior and you can also craft a Coconut Bidon by using the Coconut and rope; this will make carrying water around easier. Additionally, you can catch rainwater in empty shells and pots to drink.

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Shelter is also a place for saving your progress, so setting it up should be a primary objective. To do this, you’ll need to open your Notebook and scroll through your craftable buildings and shelters until you find Hut Shelter. This one is the easiest to make, as it requires smaller wood materials.


Axes and Pickaxes are craftable from the get-go, and they don’t require a large number of resources or stress. You’ll want to look around for Big Stones, which can be broken into Stones by holding right click and harvesting them, Sticks on the ground, as well as Liana vines on the trees. To craft a real ax, you’ll need the following items:

  • One Stick
  • Two Stones
  • One Rope

To craft a Pickaxe you’ll need the following:

  • Two Stones

This will craft a Stone Blade; next, you’ll need:

  • One Stone Blade
  • One Stick
  • One Rope

These are the two that will allow you to chop down trees and craft your shelter and fire that you’ll need to survive. Additionally, you can also craft spears and bows and arrows. However, you’ll need feathers for the arrows and that means killing or finding dead birds.