How to get the grappling hook in Green Hell

It has a way of hooking you in.

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The grappling hook is an item in Green Hell that allows players to climb up high ledges and get access to areas and places that would’ve otherwise been inaccessible. For instance, there are climbing points on the map marked with the grappling hook icon, marking where you’d need to use it. That makes it a pretty important item to get because it opens up new options for you. The most confusing part about getting the grappling hook is that it spawns in two different locations, depending on which game mode you’re playing. We will be covering both of them in this guide on how to get the grappling hook in Green Hell.

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Where to find the grappling hook in Green Hell

Story Mode

In Green Hell story mode, you will find the grappling hook in the Illegal Gold Mines location. To get there, head north by following the dirt path until you come upon the Overturned Jeep. Loot the resources there, and most importantly pick up the red fuel can. It will be important later. 

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Head east from the jeep until you come upon a platform on a cliff. There’s an electric elevator there, but you need to refuel the generator powering it. That’s where the fuel can you picked up comes in. Use it and then start the elevator to get down to the mining site. At the campsite, there is a bench with the grappling hook resting on it.

Survival Mode

In Green Hell survival mode, it’s much easier to find the grappling hook. Just like in story mode, find the dirt path and follow it north until you find the Overturned Jeep. This time, you will find the grappling hook waiting for you there, among the other loot that you can find in that location.