A Spooky Message, Research Goals and Rewards for Pokemon Go! Halloween Event 2019

Pokemon GO

With Halloween right around the corner, there’s a lot of events for different games coming out. But one of the anticipated ones is for the hit mobile game Pokemon Go! Halloween is no stranger to the augmented reality Pokemon game, as it’s had its fair share of Halloween time the year prior. And much like last year, players can find and catch certain Pokemon with Halloween costumes on. Such as the Gen 1 starters with cute little hats.

But charming aesthetics aside, one of the significant additions to the Halloween event is the research goals and rewards. Usually, research goals in the game allow players to go out and capture specific Pokemon and gain a few Pokeballs or some certain fruits to help them catch the little creatures. Last year was catching specific Ghost-type Pokemon. With this year, there’s another chance to get an encounter with the spooky Pokemon known as Spiritomb.

For the missions, Professor Willow has come across an odd stone, and he’s brought it back to his lab. Since then, however, some strange things have started to happen: glasses started falling over, papers shifting, all by themselves. When he checks his computer, he gets the error message ‘108’ flashing. So now, it’s up to the players to gather some data on nearby Ghost-type Pokemon.

There are three stages to unlock the ‘A Spooky Message’ and capture the Spiritomb.

Pokemon Go Halloween Event

Step 1:

Catch 10 Ghost Pokemon (Duskull Encounter)

Mae 8 Great Throws (1080 EXP)

Use 108 Berries to help catch Pokemon (Lickitung Encounter)

Rewards: x10 Pokeballs, x1080 Stardust, x8 Silver Pinap Berries

Step 2:

Catch 10 Dark-type Pokemon (Misdreavous Encounter)

Spin 8 Pokestops You Haven’t Before (1080 EXP)

Catch 108 Pokemon (Spiritomb Encounter)

Rewards: x10 Pokeballs, x1080 Stardust, x8 Silver Pinap Berries

Step 3:

Is to claim the rewards that Professor Willow will give to you for completing the previous two tasks and obtaining Spiritomb.

Rewards: x1080 Stardust, 3 x 1080 EXP, x18 Spiritomb Candy

The Pokemon Go! Halloween Event is live from Oct. 17 to Nov. 1.