Chapter 2 Fugitive – A Way Out Walkthrough


Vincent and Leo were able to escape from the prison in Chapter 1 Escape, now in this second chapter Fugitive, both will be making their way through the forest. This chapter is long, Leo and Vincent will have to find new clothes and later use a vehicle to escape the place. But they are still traced out and their journey is not easy.

Fugitive Walkthrough

Chapter 2 Fugitive Walkthrough

Escape Cops in Forest:

Fugitive Walkthrough

After the cutscene, Vincent and Leo are in the forest and trying to escape from the guards who are watching around. You will ahead see yellow markers on the cops, without getting alerted keep moving ahead. You can take down the cops from behind. You can hide in the bushes if the cops move torchlight towards you. You will reach a point where two cops will be in your path, you have to take down them together in one shot. Next, you will reach a bridge, and there is a multiple choice now.

Fugitive Walkthrough

Vincent will suggest a slower way, by sneaking under the bridge and slowly crossing to reach the other point. Leo will suggest to take down the cop ahead, take the car and drive through the bridge. If you pick Vincent’s way, go right, and push the fence, keep walking toward the right and you will reach stairs. Follow the pipes, and you will reach the bridge. Keep walking on the metal platform, jump over gaps, glide through pipes, swing through metal bars, till you reach the other side. If you go Leo’s way, steal the police car and drive it, avoid the guards and eventually you will crash it.

Fugitive Walkthrough

After you cross the bridge, you will reach a locked door. On the opposite side, you will get an ax, take that and break the door. Cross the room and there will be guards outside. Take him down by climbing up, the only player will be able to go and other will stay down. The player who is down will have to save his friend from a cop. For that walk from the right end, and you can climb from your left and take down the cop with a gun. Next both will be chased by dogs, keep running. Both will be on a different path now. Keep running, and slide down. Vincent will be caught by a dog, fight your way and slide, then at the exact right time you will see a icon on screen, you have to jump, and Leo will have to catch him.

Find Food In Forest:

Fugitive Walkthrough

There will be a cutscene, later back to the jungle there will be some activities this and there are no cops chasing you. So you have some time to think about survival. Walk down the valley and you will reach a water stream. Ahead you will have to lift up a fallen tree, lift it and there will be a cutscene. There will be two objectives one is to light the fire and second to catch one fish each. On your right near the bonfire, you will get a knife on a wooden log to craft a spear. Leo and Vincent both will have to craft spear and use it for catching a fish in the nearby pond. After catching the fish, to bake the fish you will need to gather some woods for the fire. Keep spear down, and walk exactly opposite to the fire, look towards the end near trees you will see yellow icons. Pick the twigs and add it to the fire. Light it more and site down near the logs. There will be another cutscene.

The Farmhouse:

Fugitive Walkthrough

After the cutscene, once again you will be on your track this time you will have to locate a shelter. You will reach a farmhouse while going down further. The path will be on the left of the house, pull out the sheet to open up the path towards the farmhouse. After the next cutscene, once again there will be two choices. Vincent will advise to release the horses from the barn, which will force the couple to go out of the house, while Leo will advise to subdue the couple.

Vincent’s way is easy, compare to Leo. Leo’s suggestions are risky because there you have to sneak up in the house and tie the old couple. One will sneak in and other will climb up from the vine lattice on a side. The other person will have to reach the kitchen window, the player on the top will have to create a noise for a distraction that will scare the old couple. You can do that by breaking a vase. Grab the old lady when she tries to call the police, subdue her, next grab the old man before he reaches the shotgun, the player on the top has to come down and grab him.

If you choose Vincent’s way then take the ladder next to the tree and the place it near the barn hatch, you can now enter it, go inside and open it. Release the horses, to scare them use the cement mixer in the backside of the barn. The horses will run outside and the old couples will run outside to chase them.

Once you tie up the old couples, go on the second floor and change clothes from the bed room wardrobe. After changing go outside, and on the right you will find a garage, get to the truck. The door is locked, so both have to push it open, to make the truck working you will have to find some items. You will need a metal rod, tire, and a car wrench. Look on the right end corner, you will get a Lug Wrench.

Fugitive Walkthrough

Turn around, and take the stairs, lift the change to bring the hook and hang on it, the second person will have to move the chain so that you can reach the tire. Return back through the same process. On the right side of the door, you will find a Pinch Bar. One has to carry the Pinch bar and another one has to carry the tire, go to the back of the truck, use the bar to lift the truck and place the tire. Next take the Lug Wrench and fasten the tire.

The gas, go outside the garage and walk towards the house straight ahead, there is a water tank near the door. Enter the house and on your left, you can find a gas canister. Carry it to the garage and refill the truck. Open the front section of the truck for battery inspection, next one player has to lift the car and other will have to remove the support. One player has to push it from the front side door and other from the backside. Keep pushing, the truck will stop near the house in front. Pull the wires from a tractor and connect it to the car battery, second player has to try starting the truck.

Fugitive Walkthrough

After the cutscene, one player will drive the truck and other will shoot on the chasing chops. Shoot when the cops are near, keep driving on the road. You will also have to watch for the semi-truck coming from the opposite side, avoid getting in front of it. once you reach the road blocked by police cars turn right and drive on the mud road. Once again the shoot on the cars. Avoid rocks that will slow you down. You will reach a tunnel, cross it and drive through the forest. You have to avoid the fallen tree logs that will slow you down.

Run through River:

Fugitive Walkthrough

The truck will lose its connection and fall down near the river. Run through the water straight ahead till you reach a boat. You will have to row a boat so that you can avoid the rocks around. The rowing needs a coordination, follow the screen instructions properly. The boat has limited durability if it dashes to the rocks it will break. The water speed will increase and you have to cross narrower path, keep rowing ahead till you cross a cave and the boat breaks up, help Vincent to climb up.

Chapter 2 Fugitives ends after Vincent is saved by Leo from falling into the waterfall. You can read our walkthrough on Chapter 3 Preparation or you can also read our A Way Out Wiki guide for more updates on the game.