Chapter 5 Conflict Ending Walkthrough – A Way Out

In Chapter 5 Conflict Ending Walkthrough of A Way Out – Vincent and Leo come face to face with each other, with a twist that destroys their friendship, both are now fighting for their life.

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In the previous part Chapter 4 Vengeance, Vincent and Leo take on Harvey and escapes from Mexico. In this ending part of A Way Out, Chapter 5 Conflict, Leo and Vincent are now fighting for their life. There are two endings depending on which character lives in the end.

Conflict Ending Walkthrough

A Way Out Chapter 5 Conflict Ending Walkthrough


Conflict Ending Walkthrough

After the cutscene ends, you will get the most bizarre twist of A Way Out. This cutscene will explain the real story behind all what has happened in the game. As Leo, you will use Vincent as a hostage to escape the airport. Take the car and drive away. Next, as Leo drive the car. As Vincent, you will have to choices to confront Leo. Pick ‘This is Insane’, and continue talking. Next pick ‘I’m really sorry’, to continue and next pick ‘It’s Over’, the chase will end by crashing the car into the water.

Chase Leo:

Conflict Ending Walkthrough

After the car crashes into the water, break the car glass around and swim up. Leo will pick a boat and try to escape. As Vincent swim towards the boat, but you will fail, hang on the helicopter and chase Leo. Shoot the boat engine, you will see the Durability meter on Leo’s screen, keep shooting. Next both Vincent and Leo will be on foot inside a shipping yard. Keep moving around in cover, you will see Leo and Vincent’s health bar below the screen. Keep shooting unless the last one is left. If there are wooden creates you can shoot and break them.

Conflict Ending Walkthrough

This will be a long fight, whoever loose health a lot will be showed up wounded in a cutscene. The fight will begin once again, shoot the pipes that will release smoke, keep shooing on the wooden cover to break them. Once again after losing a big chunk of the health of any one character, there will be a cutscene, and the fight begins once again. In face to face battle, there will be one final cutscene, after falling down now Vincent and Leo are in a fist fight. After the cutscene, there is one gun and whoever picks the gun will see the ending related to that character.

  • If Vincent picks the guns he shoots Leo and Vincent goes to Leo’s house to inform about this death.
  • But if Leo picks the gun he shoots Vincent and he drops Vincent’s letter at Carol’s home.

Both are very tragic ending as the only one can survive. At one side Vincent gets a chance to restart his life with his family while on the other mourn death, and on the other Leo is with the family Carol mourns his husband died.

So this is where A Way Out finally ends with the death of one the lead characters. However, there is no proof whether the game also has any kind of secret ending where both survive. For more updates on the game do check out our A Way Out Wiki guide.

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