A Way Out Wiki Guide – All Chapters Walkthrough, Tips And More


A Way Out is a story of two sons Vincent and Leo who are in a prison and prepares a plot to escape. The game has a split screen view where two players simultaneously work together to overcome obstacles, distract guards, etc. The game demands a lot of coordination in this A Way Out Wiki guide you get the full game walkthrough, tips, and more updates.

A Way Out Wiki

A Way Out Walkthrough

  • Chapter 1: Escape – This is the beginning where Vincent and Leo had a plan to escape the prison, they work together to find a way out.
  • Chapter 2: Fugitive – After coming out of the prison they have to cross the forest and police is tracking them down. In this chapter, they will overcome various other intense obstacles to stay alive and free.
  • Chapter 3: Preparation – After escaping Vincent and Leo plans to meet their families and locate the trace of Harvey.
  • Chapter 4: Vengeance – Finally after getting the location of Harvey, Leo and Vincent plan to attack him and get revenge.
  • Chapter 5: Conflict – This part is the ending of A Way Out, Vincent and Leo were together fighting for revenge, now they will face each other and only one can live.

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