ABZU Easter Eggs Location Guide


ABZU is a perfect mixture of pictures, sound, and interactivity meant to explore certain themes. The player will be experiencing an underwater world inhabited, beautifully rendered fish and unbelievably comprehensive in terms of its landscape. Along with different collectible to explore there are also Easter Eggs to reveal and this guide will show you locations where you can find the Easter Eggs and Secrets.

Easter Eggs Location

ABZU Easter Eggs

Finding Nemo or Finding Dory?

While exploring the Whale Shark level, go through the first major gate and activate two fountains. You will notice a hole in the ceiling that you can swim through and as there are absolutely no fish in this area, except the classic Clown Fish and Blue Tang Fish. This is an unmistakable reference to Finding Nemo within ABZU. They are definitely linked and go back and forth playing and following each other.

Drone in Penguin Nest

Talking Rubber Duck

In the Orca level after you pass through the gate into the opening with the swarming fish, a hilariously chatty Rubber Ducky will be floating on the surface. Worth checking that out.

Bunny Island

While exploring the last level, Jump off the nearby wall to land right in the middle of this secret bunny island on the last level.

Mysterious Bird Mural

Hidden mural behind the waterfall with three golden birds? Do you have any idea about this Mysterious Wall?

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