ABZU: Where to find Hidden Pools location Guide


ABZU is altogether a unique game in terms of art and content. The player will be experiencing an underwater world inhabited, beautifully rendered fish and unbelievably comprehensive in terms of its landscape. There are three types of collectibles in Abzu and this guide will show all the location for Hidden Pools in the game. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Hidden Pool Locations.

Hidden Pools location

Where to find Hidden Pools Location

In Abzu, there are 20 hidden pools you need to find and release the fish when you are near the location. If you manage to find all the Hidden pools in the game then you’ll unlock the Ecosystem Trophy. Here are all the locations of hidden pools in the each Chapter of Abzu.

Chapter 1 Hidden Pools

Hidden Pool 1

The First Hidden of the game is on the ocean floor so you need to swim through the large rock hole and keep following the yellow sand(right) to see a fork. Go ahead and press ‘SQUARE’ to release the fish.

Hidden Pool 2

From the Previous location, head back towards the Large Rock and look for the yellow path on the left. Keep swimming until you see bright plants near another hole and there is your next Pool.

Hidden Pool 3

Start Swimming towards the rocky ledge(which drops) and explore the deeper ocean bed to find our next Hidden Pool on your left.

Hidden Pool 4

At the end of the Chapter, you come across the massive rock in the darkness. Simply swim towards the tower to find another hole, then take right to find this pool in the center.

Chapter 2 Hidden Pools

Hidden Pool 5

Start riding the jet stream to get at pink bowl type area. Once you get there, take a right and you’ll find your first hidden pool of chapter 2.

Hidden Pool 6

As you start the chapter, take left and swim until you find the Meditation Statue and a hidden Pool.

Hidden Pool 7

Swim towards the rock to find the Cave entrance. From the entrance, you need to swim above to find this hidden pool.

Hidden Pool 8

Finally, at the end of the chapter, as you exit the old area and reach the open area with darkness beneath, keep swimming to find a Meditation Statue. Follow the Spire to the ancient ruins, and here you need to find the bright plant to reveal the Hidden Pool.

Chapter 3 Hidden Pools

Hidden Pool 9

Look at the ancient bridges you can see two large rocky landings from which the lower one has the Hidden pool(near the Meditation Statue).

Hidden Pool 10

Swim all the way through the underwater bridge until you reach the land on the right. You will find the Hidden pool on the cliff.

Hidden Pool 11

From the previous location, continue swimming towards the base of the pillars on your left to find the status near the ocean floor with hidden pool.

Hidden Pool 12

After opening the exit door swim towards the trench and keep looking at the floor as the last pool is too close from the opened chain doors.

Chapter 4 Hidden Pools

Hidden Pool 13

From the start, swim towards the sea floor and find your very first pool of Chapter 4.

Hidden Pool 14

From the previous location, follow the trench path towards the crashed pyramid done. Keep following the bones until you come across the Hidden pool.

Hidden Pool 15

Head back to the first Pool location and this time take right where you encounter another crashed done with bones. The Hidden pool is right next to it.

Hidden Pool 16

At the end of this chapter, swim down towards the opening full of stalactites. Once you get there swim above to find the opening to check out a rocky platform with the hidden pool.

Chapter 6 Hidden Pools

Hidden Pool 17

Swim left towards the staircase connected to the chains then look down to find the hidden pool near the Meditation statue.

Hidden Pool 18

From the Start, you’ll see a Waterfall on the right so we need to swim down to the sea floor to find the bones near the hidden pool.

Hidden Pool 19

At the end of the chapter, you’ll come across a circular area so head left to find this pool near seaweeds.

Hidden Pool 20

From the previous location head right to follow the narrow pathway and near the seabed you’ll find the last hidden Pool of the game.

This way all about the Hidden Pool Location in Abzu. You can Check out our other guide for Meditation Statues and Secret Shells Location Guide.