Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Cult And The Archon Guide

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey players will deal with many cults throughout their game. Here is how to tackle The Cult & The Archon.


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After taking down all the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey champions in the previous main quest Paint In Red, you can go with the next one – The Cult And The Archon. In this quest you will have to locate a cultist and killing him will be a major choice. In the next main quest The Olympian, you will play for Sparta and compete in Olympics to fight with three champions.

The Cult And The Archon

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Just after talking to Brasidas, you will get the identity of the cultist you have to kill. Sparing and killing him are two different main choices in this quest.

To Kill Or Not To Kill Quest – AC Odyssey

Once you track this quest from the menu you will need to meet Myrrine and Brasidas who are in Arkadia. You will meet a Mercenary who will attack you after the cutscene. The mercenary carries a big shield and a sword. If you use fire arrows he can deflect them with his shield. And if he turns red dodge away. The mercenary is fast enough to dodge your attacks you will need to wait for getting a headshot if you are using fire arrows. He will also throw explosives at you look for a red circle on the ground. Just stay away from the circle. The best way to kill this mercenary is to stay a bit far and deal headshots as much as possible. It will take time but you will be able to defeat him.

You will have two choices, Help me find my mother and Tel me where she is, or die. In both cases, he will tell you about who hired him. Go with the second to save time. He will tell you about Archon – Lagos who is paying to kill you. After defeating him go and find your mater. In the cutscene, you get two choices. This is an important choice because in the next chapter, you will accuse a Spartan king (Pausanias) of being a cultist, and Lagos will be your proof. If you kill him then you will be kicked out of Sparta.

  • Your plan is better, Brasidas – Brasidas suggest to let Lagos live because Sparta relies on his food supply and your mother will not like the plan.
  • My mother’s plan is better – You choose to kill Lagos here, Brasidas will be unhappy with the decision.

Pick either option and then you’ll be able to move forward. Brasidas will give you the location of your target. He will also drop an artifact that will be needed to upgrade the spear.

Jude, Jury, Executioner Quest – AC Odyssey

Track this quest and it will take you a fort. This place will be heavily guarded by high-level captains, you just need to kill the cultist and confirm the kill in the end to complete the quest. You will earn an artifact fragment and Spartan War hero belt. After killing the cultist meet Mryrrine and Brasidas. The quest is over after the cutscene and you will earn around 37000XP.

The Olympian Quest – AC Odyssey

You will compete with Athen’s champions in the Olympics to restore the glory of Sparta, you will face three different champions in the arena.

Delivering The Champion Quest – AC Odyssey

After selecting this quest, follow the objective marker that will take you to the trainer of champion Testikles. While talking to him you can go a smooth or harsh way. He will just tell you about the champion’s location who is training in Messenia. You will need to locate Testikles. Just follow the objective marker and you will reach a bay area. In the cutscene, you will have to convince him to get on the boat. Take him to Elis and then talk to Alkibades who is waiting at the dock to greet the champion. In the cutscene, you will see the champion will be accidentally eaten by a shark and Alkibades will tell you to take the position of champion.

The Contender Quest – AC Odyssey

Follow the objective marker to meet the Pankration organizer and tell him I’m replacing him. In the next cutscene, you will be in an arena against a competitor. You will be fighting without a weapon in the arena.

  • Phase 1 – Your first competitor is Orion – a Level 44 enemy. Lock the target first and then attack. This is a fist fight, if you land a punch at the right time you will be able to kick him with few attacks. The first phase of the fight ends.
  • Phase 2 – In the second phase you will fight with Erastos. The fastest way to defeat this one is using combos when you have the chance. Just dodge when he turns red, he is easier to beat than the previous one.
  • Phase 3 – In the third one, you will deal with Dorieus later.

In the cutscene you will see Alkibades is poisoned, to investigate the issue go with the choice – I’m going to find Demophanes. You will reveal the identity of Kallias the one who hosted the event is actually a cultist. You can spot him in the region pretty easily. By killing him you will earn cultist clue, artifact fragment, and Spartan war hero boots.

The Long Game Quest – AC Odyssey

Go to the banquet area, and you will have to investigate a room. From the main entrance of the building look right just as you enter. Take the first door on your right, go inside and you will reach a room with three search signs. Check all of them one by one. Look behind the curtain also. Next, you will need to talk to the merchant who is in a room in the left corner of the banquet area. Just follow the objective marker and threaten the merchant he will tell you about the antidote. Take it to Alkibiades to save his life.

Pankration Quest – AC Odyssey

Track this quest and return to Palos. Back in the arena, you will fight the massive Dorieus. He will be around Level 46, but the recent quest you did will put you somewhere around 48. Dorieus is not tough to beat, you just have to dodge his punches. But when he turns red he will jump and try to hit you hard. Just try to dodge it. Combos are the best against this opponent. After defeating the final champion in the next cutscene you will see Leander announcing Sparta has a winner of the Olympic games.