A Debt To Pay | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

 A Debt To Pay | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, Another Day, Another Drachma, you played through a lot of the initial part of the game, where you learned combat, trading, unlocked the skills section, and much more. The game properly begins now as the protagonist moves to the main objectives of the game. There are lots of side-missions that you can play to upgrade your level. Each of these chapters has a level requirement similar to the last year’s Assassin’s Creed game, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. In this second chapter, A Debt To Pay, you will meet Elpenor, who will give you a contract to kill a military general. But first, you will have to find a ship.

A Debt To Pay Walkthrough

A Debt To Pay Walkthrough

As the game begins you will first have to retrieve an eye hidden in Cyclop’s Lair then fight with him later on and get a ship to move to a new region.

An Eye For An Eye

You will need to reach Level 3 to play the mission, by default you will be on Level 2 once you are done with the previous chapter. You can play side-missions, explore new regions, etc to level up. Talk to the citizens around to get the quest. Continuing with the main story in this mission, Kassandra is working with Markos on a get-rich-quick scheme to steal money from Cyclops. Track the objective and meet Markos. He will tell you to steal an eye from Cyclops, ask him where he lives to get the next marker.

Find the eye at the Cyclop’s Lair

A Debt To Pay Walkthrough

After agreeing to get the eye to follow the marker, if you are unable to find the location, just use the eagle to locate the Lair. Find high ground to survey the area properly, because you will be playing this objective in stealth mode. Use the eagle vision to spot down all the guards around. Properly look around the house for bushes you can use to hide. You can begin by killing the guards who are at the corners of the house. This will help you reduce the chances of getting a spot. Watch out for guard dogs. You will need to play with a lot of patience if you are to spot all guards who will attack you.

A Debt To Pay Walkthrough

The eye is located in the room shown in the image above (check the red arrow, it is in the center of the area). You can try eliminating the guards in that specific region to escape the place. Just go into the room and look on the table on the left side. Return to Markos. In the cutscene, Markos will tell you about a boat. This will trigger a new main quest.

Fancy Guests

Find and Kill the newcomers

Track this quest to get the location of the newcomers you have to take down. Keep checking the abilities section also to get upgraded skills that will help you in dealing with stronger enemies. You will find a group of newcomers who will attack you if they spot you. So you can either ambush and fight them or play in stealth by using your bow and arrow. After taking them down, there will be a cutscene where you will see Elpenor of Kirrha. He will tell you to follow him. He will ask you to steal Penelope’s shroud, you can get info too by asking more about it.

Penelope’s Shroud

Find and acquire Penelope’s Shroud

A Debt To Pay Walkthrough

Take the boat and steer it toward the marker. It will take you to the other side of the river. Use the eagle vision as you drop on the bank to locate the shroud location. Odysseus’s Palace is a restricted area, so you have to scan all the guard’s locations first. Use the vegetation around to hide. Once you get the objective marker, keep moving slowly towards it. Hide in the vegetation and lure the guards with a whistle towards you. Try staying on the back side of buildings, where there are ample places to hide—plus you can throw the guards down. You will have to kill the captain to get the shroud and the fastest way is to use a stealth attack from the top. Once you are done the killing, ignore all the other guards and return to Elpenor. He will give you another task.

The Big Break

To play this objective, you will need Level 6, in this part, Elpenor offers a contract to kill a military general. First, find the shipbuilder and talk to him, next in the cutscene you will see Cyclops torturing a ship captain, Barnabas. Within a short time, the battle with Cyclops will begin. He is a Level 6 enemy. First, kill the guard enemies and then target Cyclops. He is not tough to defeat. After killing him you have to rescue the ship captain and follow him.

Next, there will be a cutscene—talk to him about the ship. In the end, he will agree to give you his ship. After the cutscene, just go and meet him in Sami Harbor. Phoibe will ask to join you, there will be a short goodbye scene.

In the cutscene, you will learn your next objective will begin at Megaris, where the military general The Wolf whom Elpenor said to murder is Kassandra’s father. The chapter is over here, you can read our walkthrough on the next one The Wolf Hunt. For more updates on the game, you can also check our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Wiki guide.