Old Enemy And A New Ally | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

 Old Enemy And A New Ally | Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough

You already learned about the cult and their secret weapon in the previous chapter The Wolf And The Snake which unlocks the cultist section of the game where you have to find the hidden members and assassinate them. In this chapter An Old Enemy and a New Ally Herodotos will tell you about an ancient location, inside you will find a forge where you can unlock spear upgrades.

An Old Enemy And A New Ally Walkthrough

An Old Enemy And A New Ally Walkthrough

In this small mission you will be heading to a cave first and then you will meet Deimos.

Memories Awoken

Talk To Herodotos at Thermopylai

Meet Herodots and discuss with him about the Spartan’s battle. After discussing he will tell you about some ancient creatures.

Find and Enter the mysterious structure

The objective marker will lead you to the Island of Andros. Steer your ship towards it till you reach an island. Use the Eagle vision to locate the entrance of the mysterious structure. Once you reach the door there will be a cutscene which shows a small flashback of a memory and then the door opens with the spear.

Explore the cave

Walk towards the standing platform that you will spot from the entrance after interacting with the forge you will wake up outside the Animus. There will be a discussion, once it is over just explore the area. Check all the white points, check the laptops for messages. In one of the system, you will be talking to Alannah Ryan and then go towards the window where you will find a walkie-talkie. Once you are done exploring the area return to the Animus.

Talk to Herodotos

You will get an upgraded spear, this will give you access to higher Adrenaline and more powerful abilities. You will need to gather 7 Artifact Fragments from defeated members of the Cult Of Komos that will lead you to Spear Upgrades. Outside you will find Alexios if you are playing as Kassandra. There will be a discussion with multiple choices. After talking to him find Herodotos. This will complete the chapter.

Before your progress to the main story go to the Cultist menu of the game and kill a few according to your current Level. If you are somewhere in 19 you can take down cultist lower than or equal to Level 19. You will earn some artifices that can be used later to upgrade your spear. Use the fast travel point to move between different locations. You will see an exclamation sign on the image of cultist, select it to reveal their identity and then track them down to assassinate.

You will see the next main missions under the Odyssey section is require pretty high Level that is above level 35, you can play the other side-mission to reach the point. After this, the level bar rises very high. You can read our walkthrough on the next chapter The Spear of Leonidas which has many quest highest level needed so you have to upgrade your level by killing the cultist, playing the side-missions, etc. The fastest way to level up is to play Conquest Battles. Look on the game map for icons of Conquest Battles and also check the challenge level. Some of them will be Normal and some are Hard. If you are somewhere around Level 20 or lower then picking Normal is a wise choice.

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