Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough | Land of the Lawlessness

 Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Walkthrough | Land of the Lawlessness

After meeting Xenia in the previous chapter Pirates Hospitality and upgrading your spear you can head to the next main quest Land of Lawlessness. This one is a pretty long quest where you will be helping out Anthousa who will give you a bit of information on your mother. But most of the info you will get is from Xenia.

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Land of the Lawlessness Walkthrough

This main quest has simple objectives, in the end, you will be fighting with a tough enemy The Monger.

To Find a Girl

The first objective is to investigate the Porneion in Korinthia to learn about Anthousa. Once you reach the spot you will have to visit the Leader House. It is the place where you will be doing your investigation. It is heavily guarded use the Eagle to mark down all the guards. It is a big place you can avoid the guards in your way. If you are spotted then you will be attacked by all of them. The objective marker will take you to the region in the center where you have to start your investigation.


Once you reach a huge gate of Leader House turn right, you will have to reach the spot as marked in the image above. It has a few red clothes on the top and there you will find a few civilians. Look on the corner somewhere in the left side and you will spot a woman with a search icon on her head. She will tell you about hetaerae. The next objective marker takes you outside the area towards the mountains. Climb on the top and you will reach discover the Temple of Aphrodite. Kill the thugs who are threatening the worshippers and then talk to them. After talking to the civilians, go down the mountain to talk to Anthousa.

There will be different choices while talking to Anthousa, she will ask you to help her to get rid of Korinth of the Monger. You can pick from It’s a deal & You better repay me. Both choices lead to a common mission. Just accept helping her to unlock the further quest.

Follow that Boat

As the quest begins you will have to locate a women Erina. You will find her in a marketplace talk to her and she will take you to Lechaion Port. You will need to chase down a boat and bring it back to the women. The boat in the ocean, take your boat and attack the ship. After reducing the health to zero, jump on the ship and take down the remaining soldiers. If you destroy the ship the mission will fail you just have to reduce its health bar and kill the captain to save a women name Kleio. There will be a cutscene in which you will talk to the women. She will offer you escort here out of Korinth, you will have to two choices to pick. Pick anything it does not affect the upcoming quest outcome. Return to Erinna and deal with her.

Port of the Lawlessness

Track down this quest as soon as you return to the port, not very far away you will reach The Monger’s Warehouse location. Kill the guard on the door. He is not a regular one, so don’t just ambush. There will be more guards around the warehouse. Overall you will need to destroy 5 goods. Look for red pot’s and shoot fire arrow on them. Look at the upper level also.


In the next cutscene, you will see a new character Brasidas. You will be fighting with him to take down Monger’s elite and their re-enforcements. This will be a short fight and then there will be a discussion between the two. You can choose to help him to take down the Monger. The quest is over after the discussion.

To Help a Girl

Go and talk to Damalis. Next, you will have to find the clients house where you will find Phoibe. You can use her to spy on the client. Choose a positive discussion by going with the below choices.

  • Good idea, Phoibe.
  • Tell me what he said.

While talking to the client he will spot Phoibe and he will call the guards. Kill the client and his guards and then talk to Phoibe. Take down the women’s who are attacking you to protect the girl. Next, you will have to investigate the mysterious place. Following the marker towards Abron House. In the beginning, you will have to take down some guards and then your investigation begins. Look in the plants in the right of the house for the first clue. Go inside and look on the left wall between the two beds. Then look on the front wall, there are a chain and faces. The final one is on the right side next to the bed there is a small table. There is a plate filled with fruits on it. There will be a short cutscene after which you will have to kill the guard, return to Damalis.

Monger Down

After talking to Damalis, the quest To Help a Girl is over. The next one you will continue in this chapter is Monger Down. Follow the objective marker that will lead you to Anthousa. There will be multiple choices here:

  • Let’s take him to the theater – By picking this choice you agree with Anthousa and fight Monger in public. She will appear when Monger was about to die, you will have to a choice here to let Anthousa kill it or you do the job. If you let Anthousa do the job it will be brutal and later on, you cannot spare Lagos as he is not going to trust you for killing Monger.
  • I want to take him to the cave – If you pick then you agree with Brasidas. You can drag the Monger to the theater where Anthousa asks you to bring so that everyone can see his death. If you choose to kill Monger in the cave you will still get lead on your mother.

In a flashback scene, you will see Monger abusing Myrrine’s Kassandra’s mother. You will fight Monger in an arena surrounded by some guards. He is a Level 33 enemy. First, kill the guars to make your job easier and then target Monger. Monger is a slow enemy, he will come near you and try to hit you with a weapon. The annoying parts are the guards.

Once the fight is over you can talk to Anthousa she will share info about the Spartan women. This is where the quest ends. You will earn an around 21000 XP, cultist clue, artifact fragment, and Spartan hero war helmet. You can read our walkthrough on the next main quest Abandoned By God. This quest will be instantly available after you are done talking to Anthousa.

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