Pirate Hospitality & The Spear of Leonidas | AC Odyssey Walkthrough

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Chapter 9 Walkthrough

Kassandra/Alexios found Chrysis was as cultist in the previous chapter A Prescription for Discovery who raised the second child a weapon for the cultist group in the previous chapter A Prescription for Discovery. There were multiple quests after this, one among them Pirate Hospitality. You are just going to meet a pirate Xenia to get info on the Spartan women. With this, you can also play The Spear of Leonidas that requires to collect 7 artifacts to upgrade the spear.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Chapter 9 Walkthrough

Pirate Hospitality Walkthrough

Just follow the objective marker and best pay the pirate money to get info, if you choose another way it might take time.

Island of Misfortune

The objective marker will lead you to Keos island to meet a pirate, Xenia. You will find her inside a building killing a soldier. In the first choice choose "I came to meet you" and then pick "My mother". Xenia will ask you to pay  15000 Drachame, pay her if you want to know more.

A Chest Full of Drachmae

The quest is over, this one is a world mission if you want you can play to get 2344 Drachmae. It is a very small quest, you will need to locate the location of the chest and kill all the guarding soldiers around it. 

The Spear of Leonidas Walkthrough

If you had done dealing with enough number of cultist then it will be easier for you to finish off this small quest where you will upgrade the spear.

This main quest appears after you had upgraded the spear for the first time in chapter An Old Enemy And A New Ally, you will learn that you have to collect 7 artifacts to upgrade the spear. You will need to locate and take down the cultist who will drop the artifacts that can be later used to upgrade the spear. You can play this mission along way locating the cultist in the region and killing them. The artifact will be random there is no specific list that the following cultist will only drop it. After collecting all the artifacts to go the Ancient Forge.

The chapter ends here and you can pick another from the game menu. We picked Land of the Lawless where you will be finding a girl. The clue was given by Alkibiades, you will be heading to Korinthia to find Anthousa. For more updates on the game, you can also check our Assassin's Creed Odyssey Wiki guide.

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