Adonis’s Fall Myth Challenge Fresco Solution – Immortals Fenyx Rising

I know the pieces fit.

Immortal Fenyx Rising

Immortals Fenyx Rising is filled with Myth Mosaics that you can try and solve. Getting them back together correctly will earn you some Charon Coins, an important resource for upgrading your skills and abilities.

Guides like this are always interesting, so we have gone with two options that you will hopefully find helpful. First, a video showing the solution at normal speed, and then half speed.

For people who prefer a written break down, we have decided to name each block in a manner which makes it obvious which one we are talking about, then list the moves you will need to make to get them into the right order.

Below, you can see that we have gone with Tree, Adonis Head, Boar, and Adonis Legs. This should help to make it very obvious which ones we are talking about.

And finally, before we get into the moves we made, below you will see the starting position of the pieces. Finally, all moves are given with an orientation of both the camera and the character, at the front of the mosaic.

  • Boar left
  • Boar down
  • Tree up
  • Tree left
  • Adonis head left
  • Adonis head up
  • Boar two blocks left
  • Adonis head down
  • Tree and Adonis legs right
  • Adonis Legs down
  • Tree two blocks left
  • Adonis head up
  • Adonis head left
  • Adonis legs right
  • Boar and Adonis legs left
  • Board up
  • Adonis legs two blocks right
  • Boar down
  • Boar and Adonis legs left
  • Tree and Adonis head right

We would highly recommend using the video, as it should be much simpler to follow.