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Advanced combat tips for Death Trash

Annihilate your foes without taking a single hit.
This article is over 3 years old and may contain outdated information

Combat is the hardest aspect of Death Trash to master. You must combine melee weapons with firearms in every encounter, and that’s without considering any abilities you have. In this guide, we’ve put together some advanced tips for mastering combat in the game so that you don’t hesitate to take on a group of enemies.

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Use both of your weapons

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It’s so easy to slip into the habit of only firing a gun at enemies or purely whacking them with whatever melee weapon you have. You’ll only gain the upper hand when you combine the two, though. Instead, ensure that you start every encounter with a couple of gunshots, then move in for the kill. You’ll soften your enemy up and make it easier to tear them apart when you’re up close and personal.

Roll out of the way of gunshots

If you’ve only got a melee weapon in hand, it might seem impossible to take down an enemy with a firearm. However, you can make them look like a fool with careful use of your roll. First, wait for the enemy to line up their weapon with your position, then roll out of the way. You’ve got enough Focus Energy to use three quick rolls before you need to rest. Once you’ve rolled out of the way, you can roll towards the enemy to get some hits in while they line up their next shot. It’s risky, but when done right, you can avoid all incoming fire.

Avoid spooky auras

Some mutant enemies will emit a red aura around them when they’re out of health, just as you land the final blow. If you see this, roll away from them and out of that aura as soon as possible. The enemy will explode, and if you’re caught in that explosion, you’ll become a heap of meat. This usually only occurs in mutants with tentacles spewing from their skulls.

Never underestimate the backstab

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While using stealth, it’s possible to backstab some enemies. Don’t underestimate this ability, and use it as often as you can before entering combat. Most of the time, enemies will take a critical hit, but they won’t die. This still makes the ensuing fight easier, though. Once you’re a high enough level, some enemies will die instantly from a backstab, meaning there’s no need to get into a fight.

Draw enemies away from their group

Screenshot by Gamepur

It can seem like the only way to take an enemy down is to attack the entire group. If you watch, however, you’ll see moments in which you can lure a single enemy away at a time. Wait until the enemy is looking your way while using stealth and then appear to them. They should chase you, allowing you to pull them around a corner and finish them off relatively quietly.

Alternatively, watch for an enemy’s patrol route. Some foes will walk through a series of rooms and rest at certain stages. Using stealth, get into a position where you can backstab them. As soon as you’re able to, get a backstab in and follow it up with all the melee attacks you can to kill the enemy before they can react.

Remember to use your abilities and implants

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Instead of magic, Death Trash offers you the chance to augment your character with implants and abilities. These can be active or passive, but they’re easy to forget about. Make sure that you go into each combat encounter with the ability you want to use. We enjoy Shock, for example, because it deals a short burst of damage to enemies and allows us to take down tough foes faster. There’s no point in earning these enhancements if you’re not going to use them, so make sure you’re always aware of what you have at your disposal.

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