The Death Trash community doesn’t understand how much of the game is playable this week

You won’t have the full game in early access at launch.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Death Trash is a post-apocalyptic RPG with a seriously bloody twist. The game launches this week on August 5 in early access, but the community doesn’t seem to understand just how much of the game will be available. The developer is constantly posting on Twitter and confirming to fans what is in this version of the game, but it isn’t sinking in.

Death Trash developer Stephan Hövelbrinks posted on Twitter today confirming exactly what fans should expect from the game when it becomes available on Steam and Xbox in a few days. This early access version will contain approximately one-third of the final game’s campaign. Hövelbrinks puts this at around five hours with a little more time in it for those who want to explore every avenue and replay with different choices and characters.

The final campaign is expected to take 20 hours. There’s obviously more for those who want to replay the game with new stats and perks to see how the game changes. Everything present in the demo, currently available on Steam, will be in the early access version of the game. After that, however, everything will be expanded upon, from abilities to unlockable tech, broadening the depth of the experience players can have.

While Death Trash is in early access, the developer hopes work can continue alongside a dedicated community who will help shape the features and story that make it into the final product. Over the course of the next year or so, the game will eventually become the 20-hour RPG fans may want today, and by investing in it now, fans can get a taste of that final version and help fund development.