How to deconstruct items in Death Trash

Make the most of all your spare stuff.


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You pick up a lot of stuff in Death Trash, from actual, physical vomit and ten of the same rifle, to scraps of paper and Fleshworms. Some of these items are useful, though duplicates are always useless. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t let you deal with them straight away. This guide will cover what to do with those duplicates and useless items to help you better manage your inventory.

From the very first moment of your playthrough in Death Trash, you’ll have the option to deconstruct all of the items in your inventory. The trouble is, your character won’t have the required skill to do so from that same moment. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t hold your hand, so you’re left to figure this out all on your own. Thankfully, the way you learn to deconstruct is simple.

Learn Crafting

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Crafting Knowledge is a skill in Death Trash that you won’t start the game with. Instead, it’s a learned skill. We found it on the dead body of a stranger inside one of the game’s many locations. However, you may also be able to purchase the same skill from a merchant somewhere.

Once you’ve acquired Crafting Knowledge, you need to open your inventory, select it, and learn the skill. Until you’ve done this, you won’t have the skill at your disposal. Once learned, you’ll have access to all Crafting abilities in the game, including deconstruction.

How to deconstruct items

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To deconstruct an item in Death Trash, click on it in your inventory, and then click the “Deconstruct” button. This will reduce the item to component parts, and you can do this with almost everything. If you pick up a duplicate weapon, the game will tell you that it’s the same as the one you have equipped. Deconstruct these weapons and any other duplicates you find, because the resources will be handy for crafting later.

One caveat to the deconstruction system is that you could also sell your duplicate weapons. If you need Gold to purchase items such as weapon upgrades, then they’re worth holding onto so that you can sell them. While you’re storming a bunker full of foes though, it’s often better to deconstruct the items you don’t need so that you have space for more loot.