AFK Arena: Best Teams to Beat Nightmare Corridor

Overcome the nightmare.

Image via Lilith Games

Nightmare Corridor is the most challenging mode within AFK Arena that pushes players’ tactical skills and team-building abilities to the limit. It consists of various floors, each with increasingly powerful enemies. Players will have to face six bosses, and only players who have Resonating Crystal level 350 or have at least 30 Ascended Tier heroes can take the challenge. Needless to say, you need to have your strongest team on the table to complete the challenge. Furthermore, the characters you pick need to synergize efficiently, so you must place a proper strategy. That said, we list the best three teams you can use to beat Nightmare Corridor in AFK Arena.

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Gwyneth Physical Team

Image via Lilith Games
  • Gwyneth (Main DPS)
  • Rosaline (Buffer)
  • Arthur (Tank and Buffer)
  • Rowan (Support)
  • Ferael (Control)

Gwyneth is capable of dishing out serious damage using her ranged attacks, and Rosaline and Arthur’s buffs further enhance her attacks. Rowan’s job is to keep the team’s energy high, ensuring consistent abilities. Ferael adds crowd control and disruption to control the battlefield.

Lightbearer Sustain Team

Image via Lilith Games
  • Lucius 
  • Belinda 
  • Rowan 
  • Rosaline 
  • Raine 

This team focuses on sustaining through battles with Lucius’ tanking abilities and Rowan’s support. Belinda is the sole heavy damage dealer of the team, while Rosaline and Raine amplify her damage potential.

Graveborn CC Team

Image via Lilith Games
  • Nara 
  • Thoran 
  • Ferael 
  • Grezhul 
  • Shemira 

Arguably, it is the easiest team to use as it relies on overwhelming opponents with crowd control effects and relentless damage. Nara and Ferael disrupt enemy formations, while Thoran’s counter-attacks punish foes. Shemira serves as the primary damage dealer and will mainly focus on enemies in some form of crowd control. Grezhul acts as a tank that will absorb most of the damage. However, he also packs a lot of crow control, which only benefits the team more.