Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Best Hero Skills


Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a game of strategy, exploration, and cunning. Sometimes it boils down to a single fight to decide the day. Having the best heroes and the best skills can make the difference between victory and defeat. While skills are often situational and dependent on the faction that you play, some of them are must-haves. In this guide, we run through some of the best and most useful skills in the game.

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Best Hero Skills

Field Medicine

Field Medicine is one of the best skills in the game. If you are playing as Vanguard, then you need this. Field Medicine allows the units in your hero’s army to heal six hit points per turn. This healing period will enable you to keep up consistent pressure during a game, which suits the Vanguard exceptionally well. It makes them extremely difficult to wipe out or pressure out of an area they want to control.


Vitality is available to all factions. Dead heroes are not helpful, and this skill increases their number of hit points. It is a triple-tier skill and is worth investing in all the way. At the top tier, you can easily use your hero to soak damage that wipes out lesser units.

Battlefield Repairs

The Assembly has access to Battlefield Repairs, which heals units for 12 hit-points after a battle ends. Once again, it allows you to keep a lot of pressure and presence on the map.

Shrouded Step

Sometimes making your enemies commit to an action, only to have a surprise waiting for them can mean the difference between winning and losing. Shrouded Step allows your hero to teleport, and is quite useful for drawing out stronger units, and then teleporting to attack weaker ones. Smart use of this skill, available to the Kir’Ko, is a game-changer.

Call of the Wild

The Amazon faction’s Call of the Wild skill allows your hero to call in extra units to the fight. If things are not going your way, or a flank needs sudden reinforcements, then this can be a lifesaver.


Another Assembly skill, this allows you to bring back a destroyed unit, or massively heal a damaged one. Watch your enemies moral break as the threat they thought was wiped out returns from the dead.


The Dvar have a reliable option for people who hate ranged tactics and would prefer to do their fighting up close. With your hero acting as the tip of the spear, this will allow them to move through, and destroy, any obstacles in their way.

Spore Feeding

The Xenolague skill Spore Feeding will allow you to convert kills into health, as long as you are close to your enemy. If you like playing up close and personal, this is another excellent skill to use. You will need your hero to be the army commander for this one to work.