Alan Wake Remastered technical details – supported resolutions and framerates on PlayStation and Xbox

What to expect from each console version of Alan Wake.

Image via Remedy Entertainment

With cross-generation remasters like Alan Wake Remastered, you might find yourself wondering how the rendering setup differs across each platform. Including the mid-gen refreshes, that’s a total of seven different hardware specifications Remedy is optimizing for in the console space.

Before digging into the specifics per platform, it’s worth noting that Remedy has confirmed ray-tracing won’t make an appearance because of the amount of work required to support the technology on such an old game and engine. This would have taken time away from other visual enhancements which include:

  • Redone cinematics with improvements to lip syncing and facial animation
  • Higher resolution textures and added geometric detail
  • Improved character models with enhanced skin shaders and hair
  • Improved lighting and visual effects

Current-gen consoles

As expected, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions will offer the premiere console visual experience.

Both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will render Alan Wake Remastered at a native 1440p resolution with the company’s reconstruction technique to achieve a 4K output. This rendering output is backed up with 4X MSAA, which was also used in the original Xbox 360 version of Alan Wake. Both current-gen consoles target 60 frames per second.

Xbox Series S also runs at 60 fps, but at a native 1080p resolution without reconstruction or 4X MSAA.

Last-Gen Versions

With more varied specifications, the last-gen versions differ more as seen below:

  • PlayStation 4 – Native 1080p at 30 fps
  • Xbox One – Native 900p at 30fps

While the base consoles are locked to 30 frames per second, both mid-gen refreshes offer a graphics and performance mode.

  • PlayStation 4 Pro Performance Mode – Native 1080p at 60 fps
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Quality Mode – Native 1296p reconstructed to 4K at 30 fps with 4X MSAA
  • Xbox One X Performance Mode – Native 1080p at 60 fps
  • Xbox One X Quality Mode – Native 1440 reconstructed to 4K at 30 fps with 4X MSAA