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Albion Online PvP Guide – Factions, Beginner’s Tips & Rewards

PvP players can enjoy a bevy of rewards in this unique and challenging sandbox MMORPG - and without a hard grind.

Albion Online has a few special characteristics for PvP fans coming in from other games. PvP gameplay is a great way to shake up a game, try new strategies, and test combat styles against something more in-depth than a programmed AI. For fans wanting something new, Albion Online may have just the thing.

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Since its inception, Sandbox Interactive has been adding more content to its PvP options. As a new player, you might feel overwhelmed by the veteran showing off their intimidating armor and weapons. Don’t worry, there’s an easier way to engage in PvP without all the attention being set on you and your enticingly fresh new gear.

Where Do I Start

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Once players complete their tutorial, they’ll choose their initial biome from the world map. After arriving, they’ll be placed in the nearest port city, where there are plenty of options to get you started PvE’ing. But, as a PvP hopeful, you’ll want to make a move toward your biome’s capital city where more pvp gameplay options are available.

One you arrive in your capital city, you’ll want to look for the Arena Master. This npc is where you’ll queue up for matches and trade in pvp currency for rewards. Keep in mind, all arena matches here are instanced. This allows the game to matchmake you with others around your skill level.

Will I Be Able To Contribute to the Team as a New Player

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Before jumping into a queue, familiarize yourself with the roles available to you. Do you want to be a tank who jumps into the frontlines absorbing blows from the majority of the opposing team? Or would you rather hang around the back and sling spells, arrows, or cures as a DPS or Healer? Be sure to read the descriptions of each role before choosing one.

As you get more experience and gear, you’ll be able to play more advanced roles that are very build dependent. But for now, you should stick with basic Tank, Healer, and DPS roles.

After finding a match, you’ll be randomly placed in a camp with other players. Your objective is to bring the opposing team down to zero points. Everyone’s gear is scaled to eighty percent, so don’t be afraid to jump into combat. You’ll get rewards for participating, so no matter the outcome, you’ll always be progressing both in skill and equipment.

What Do I Get for Completing Matches

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After completing a match, you’ll receive helpful rewards. The most important reward for new players are victory pouches that give you thousands of silver. You’ll also receive a Royal Sigil, which can get you royal gear. If you play during a season, you’ll even get unique rewards at the end of that season, including cosmetics, mounts, and avatars.

Albion Online is a fresh experience for gamers looking for a new MMO to call home. You can download this title for free on PC, Mac, Steam, and Mobile. It also features cross-play if you like to move between platforms.

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