Albion Online – How to Master Dungeon Grinding For Profit

New Albion Online adventurers can set out on solo dungeons without the need for companions, here is how to get started.

Albion Online New Adventurers

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So you’ve just set foot on Albion, and you’re wondering what’s next. In celebration of Albion Online’s sixth anniversary, we’ll dive into one of the game’s best features, solo dungeons.

Albion Online is best known for its captivating sandbox elements. From fishing and mining to foraging and forging, there are many ways to progress. For particular groups of gamers, the draw for these types of games is PvE combat and leveling fighting skills. Smashing through enemies is always a good time for those who enjoy it, and the amount of content for combat enjoyers is bursting through the seams. If you fall into the latter category, this guide is a great place to get started.

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How to Find & Grind Dungeons For Profit in Albion Online

After completing the tutorial and choosing your starting zone, you’ll immediately touch down at the nearest port. The best way to begin the game as a new solo player is to do all the quests from the Royal commander. If you’re not interested in learning the other aspects of the game and want to jump straight into the action, you can pick up combat basics instead. The combat basics will allow you to try out royal expeditions, which are similar to a dungeon queue.

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Once you meet up with your recruiter, you’ll have the opportunity to select an expedition. First-timers will only have one option for a solo dungeon, but it’s easy enough to complete, so don’t be intimidated to jump right in. Once you’ve completed your first expedition, you’ll still have the opportunity to search for random dungeons in the open world. If you’re feeling adventurous you can try this route, or queue up exclusively for expeditions if you’re a homebody like a lot of us.

As you progress, you’ll find plenty of good loot that you’ll be able to equip or sell in the player ran marketplace in every city and outpost. Keep in mind, the lower levels are quite slow when trying to make a decent income, so do try to challenge yourself for greater rewards. Each tier offers better loot and rewards. Also, every enemy you defeat increases your skill for whatever armor and weapon you use. 

This system feeds into the progressive nature of the game. Before you know it, you’ll be able to take down the biggest and worst enemies in the game with ease while having fun in the process.