All 35 Star Core Locations – Fallout 4 DLC: Nuka-World

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In Fallout 4 DLC Nuka-World, the player will get a side quest ‘Star Control’ where he needs to find Star Cores, in order to get access to the Special Circuit Board and a Nuka-world Power Armor. This Fallout 4 DLC will show all 35 Star Core Locations in the game and how to get the Quantum T-51 Power Armor.

All 35 Star Core Locations

All 35 Star Core Locations

Once you enter the Galactic Zone, your “Star Control” quest starts. Here you will have to find 20 Star cores in the battle remainings. After finding them, you have to install them in the empty red panels in the mainframe terminals to complete the quest. 20 Star cores will be enough for the quest but if you want to unlock the display case of Nuka-world power Armor, you will need all 35 Star cores. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Star Cores hunt.

Galactic Zone Cores:

Star core 1 – Star walk

Find the metal cage at the star walk bottom, which is located left to the RobCo Battlezone.

Star core 2 – Starport Nuka

It can be located on the second floor, inside the locked glass display case.

Star core 3 – Starport Nuka

In the 1st floor, you will find a glass door, open the door to access the terminal. You will find a dead body on the floor, search it to find the star core.

Star core 4 – Starport Nuka:

Go to the Star control room, there you will see a burnt-out bus, after passing the bus check in the dumpster area. You will find star core in the trash on the floor.

Star core 5 – Project G-Force

You will find this star core at the top of the “Project G-Force” elevator ride.

Star core 6 – Nuka-Galaxy

You will find this star core middle of the Nuka-Galaxy ride entrance and the splashdown pool. Search for the trailer behind the shuttered booth. You will find the core located inside.

Star core 7 – Starport Nuka

Take the central elevator in starport Nuka and get to the platform at the top. There you will have to complete the final mission in Nuka-world to re-activate the power and access the area.

Starlight Interstellar Theater cores

Star core 1

Search in the mixing area, where sentry Bot bartender is stationed in the Main Theater to find the core.

Star core 2

Go to the Cafe on the right path, you will find a pantry key behind the counter then unlock the locked pantry using the key to find the core.

Star core 3

Go to the bathroom down the left path there you will find a ruined wall. Search for the star core near the corpse.

Star core 4

Go to the projection booth which is located up, using the elevator. There you will find last core in the Theater.

RobCo Battlezone Cores

Star core 1 & 2

Enter the “Employee only” locked door, take left and go up to the control room. You will find two cores there along with Battlezone key on a terminal located near the glass.

Star core 3

Go to the gift shop, which is located underneath the bleachers in the Main arena’s visitors area. Search the shelf of the gift shop to find Star core.

Star core 4

Go to the Battlezone basement area by using arena side entrances. Search on the terminals down to find a star core.

Star core 5 & 6

Go inside the Main arena where you will have to fight with waves of RobCo enemies to find the two cores.

Vault-Tec: Among Stars

Star core 1,2 & 3

Take the Employee keys from the desks in the exit area. Enter Employee only area using keys, find the small interior control room and search for the cores.

Star core 4

Take the keys from the lockers in the Employee only area and go to back office through the locked door in the ruined family room to find the core.

Star core 5

Enter the generator room through the family room’s ruined wall found in the kitchen. The generator room is having radiation. You will find the core attached to the terminal in the back-left corner.

Star core 6

In the opening of the quest, go to the first room which looks like a rocket landing site. Behind the rocks, on your left of the rocket ship, you will find locked door, enter and find last core.

Nuka-Galaxy Cores

Star core 1

You will find an office behind glass labeled “Mission control” while passing through line area. After completion of Full ride path, you can access this area.

Star core 2

Go to the first unlocked door and find the back corner of the office before going into the backseat of the ride.

Star core 3

Go to the asteroid field, in the main path. Down the steps to get to maintenance tunnel. On the left side, you will find a white terminal, which is having discarded gun and star core.

Star core 4

Once you reach the planet surface with full of automated alien animatronics, Take the Catwalks to a terminal which is above the bunker. You will find the core on Computer.

Star core 5

Take the stairs and go up, there you will come across a room with catwalks on the left and right. Follow the left side steps which lead to the small terminal alcove, there you will find the core.

Star core 6: You will find the core attached to the terminal nearby railway tracks at the exit.

Star core 7

You will find the final core in the Employee Only locked door which is connected to the exit chamber. The core is found in the corner of the room, which is attached to the red terminals.

Outside Galactic Zone Cores

Star core 1

The core is found in the Dry rock Gulch. Go to the alley from Graveyard and Saloon, you will find a stone patch in the end. There you will find many corpses, search them to find Star core.

Star core 2

The core is found in Nuka-world Junkyard. Go into the blue big barn and take the side door to enter the upper level of office. You will find left side near the computer desk and you will also find a Scav magazine.

Star core 3

The core is found in the Nuka-cade. Find the Employee only maintenance room and search for the workbench for the core.

Star core 4

The core is found in World of Refreshment. Inside the Quantum mixing chamber, you will find a locked terminal door. Search for the Gunner corpses in the corner to find the core.

Star core 5: The core is found in Nuka-Town USA Market. Search on the wares tables on the left of Shelbie chase’s store to find a core.