Fallout 4: How To Get Back Lost Companions – All Companion Console Commands

You might lose your companions in Fallout 4, and this guide shows you how to get them back using console commands.

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Fallout 4 is a massive RPG, and like several of Bethesda’s games, it comes with a handful of large bugs that make it difficult to reach the end of it. One notable problem is that your companions might get lost, and you won’t be able to find them again, making it more difficult to complete their quests.

There is a way to bring them back, though. However, it requires a little bit of know-how when it comes to using console commands, and you do have to be playing the game on a companion. Here’s what you need to know about how to get your lost companions back in Fallout 4, and each of their console commands.

Where To Find Lost Companions in Fallout 4

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It will surprise no one to discover that your Companions can just get lost in Fallout 4. This can happen while you’re in the middle of a quest, when you fast-travel, or when a creature dies on the opposite side of the map. There’s no real rhyme or reason to it. You can do some things to find these lost companions again, and we’ve compiled the best methods here.

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The easiest way to track any companion down in Fallout 4 is by using console commands. Each character has a unique character number associated with them in the game that you can use to teleport them to your position.

How to find lost Companions using console commands

Console commands are the easiest way to find your lost Companions, but only PC players going through a Fallout 4 playthrough. You can open up the in-game console with the Tilde (~) key, and then you’ll need to type in “prid 0001d162” (note that the Companion ID, which in this example is “0001d162” changes depending on which Companion you want to move to your location), press return, and then type “moveto player“. Press return again, then the Tilde key and your Companion will be moved to your location.

Below we’ve listed the IDs for every Companion in Fallout 4. Use the process above but change the Companion ID to summon that Companion to your location.

  • Ada: 0100ff12
  • Automatron: This is the only Companion whose ID isn’t set. It changes depending on what’s available when you build it, so you may want to take note of that when you come to it.
  • Cait: 00079305
  • Codsworth: 0001ca7d
  • Curie: 00102249
  • Paladin Danse: 0005de4d
  • Deacon: 00045ac9
  • Dogmeat: 0001d162
  • John Hancock: 00022615
  • Robert MacCready: 0002a8a7
  • Nick Valentine: 00002f25
  • Old Longfellow: 02006e5b
  • Piper: 0002f1f
  • Porter Gage: 0500a5b1
  • Preston Garvey: 0001a4d7
  • Strong: 0003f2bb
  • X6-88: 0002e210a

Find lost Companions in Fallout 4 using the Vault-Tec Population Management System

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In your settlement, you can build something called the Vault-Tec Population Management System in Fallout 4. This system allows you to put trackers on all of your Companions so you can find them on the in-game map whenever you want.

Once you’ve built it, you can interact with it to find any or all of your Companions and set map markers for them while playing Fallout 4. This means that no matter where they are, they will be randomly teleported and you can track them down to tell them to join up with you again.