All 99 Club Members in Madden 22

The very best players in the game.

The Madden series has an exclusive set of players who are widely considered the best of the best. They’re held in this esteem because they have an overall rating of 99, making them a member of the exclusive 99 Club. Each one can change the tide in a game based on their rating in offense or defense, and everyone wants to have them on their side. This article covers every member of the 99 Club in Madden 22 at launch.

All Madden 22 99 Club members

  • Jalen Ramsey: Los Angeles Rams
  • Aaron Donald: Los Angeles Rams
  • Patrick Mahomes: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Travis Kelce: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Davante Adams: Green Bay Packers

As you can see, both the Los Angeles Rams and the Kansas City Chiefs will start with two members of the 99 Club ready to play. For Mahomes, this is his second year as a member of the 99 Club, but it’s Aaron Donald who is considered the best defensive player in Madden 22 overall. Davante Adams gained his 99 Club status towards the end of Madden 21, though it’s clearly been brought over to the latest entry in the franchise.

More players are bound to be added to the 99 Club over the course of Madden 22’s life. We’ll update this guide as new players move up and down, so you always know which players are the greatest out there.