All accessibility and difficulty settings in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Set your pace with intergalactic ease.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Image via Square Enix

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has made a crash-landing, and we’re giving you a bite-sized version of the difficulty settings Square Enix has provided to help fine-tune your experience with the game. Not only will you be able to toggle the game’s difficulty to match your pace, but you can also toggle with the accessibility settings to better suit your needs for seamless gameplay.


First, to make sure that everyone can enjoy playing Guardians of the Galaxy, let’s go over the accessibility settings, starting with the languages menu. The subtitles, overheard subtitles, and closed captioning can be switched on and off at any time, but players who are deaf or hard of hearing may want to keep them switched on in order to understand the plot of the game and turn on Show Character Name to see who is speaking. You can also adjust the size of the subtitles from Very Small to Very Large, depending on your sight. If you really need to read what is being said, you can enable the subtitle background and adjust the background’s opacity with the slider.

The combat portion of accessibility options mostly deals with Target Lock and Target Switching. All the Target Switching mechanics — Initial Delay, Repeat Delay, and Stick Deadzone — can be adjusted with a slider. For Target Lock, again, you can toggle the Target Lock Break Delay, Initial Target Lock Range, and Aiming Lock Break Stick Deadzone with a slider. You can toggle the Elemental Lock Situation from Always to Never. Disable Target Lock Break can be switched on or off, and Enable Lock Target Switching, Automatic Target Lock Range as well as Auto Lock on Next Target can be toggled on or off.

As for everything else, the Objective Log Display Timer and Exploration Dot Transparency can be adjusted with a slider, while Auto-Win Quick Time Events and the Exploration Dot can be turned on or off.


Players can adjust their difficulty settings the old-fashioned way, or customize them to spice up the gameplay experience for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Here are the main difficulty settings and their level of confidence in the player to get through its trials and tribulations.

  • Easy – You got this.
  • Intended – You got this, probably.
  • Hard – You don’t got this.
  • Custom – I do it my way.

In addition to the traditional difficulty settings, there are also multiple sub-categories of difficulty settings that may be toggled at any time during gameplay.

  • Guardians Mode Slowdown – How much time slows when in Guardians mode. The higher the number is, the greater the slowdown. You pause completely when the slowdown number is set 1, while you don’t slow down at all if it’s set to 0. This can be adjusted with a slider.
  • Damage Dealt – Can be set from Very Low to Very High. The higher the setting goes, the more damage Star-Lord deals to enemies, which means an extremely quick beatdown.
  • Guardians Cooldown Duration – This setting affects the cooldown rate on each Guardian’s abilities. When you increase this value, it will give more weight to your decisions and more time plan on how you will use certain abilities. Can be adjusted via slider.
  • Huddle Auto-Win – Can be switched on or off. When this is turned on, the choice wheel won’t pop up during the Huddle cutscenes, and the correct answer will be selected automatically.
  • Cost of Elemental Shots – Adjusted via slider. This setting affects the cost of Elemental Ammo for an Elemental Shot. The higher its value, the more valuable your Elemental Shot is, so plan your usage carefully.
  • Damage Received – Can be set from Very Low to Very High. The higher this setting, the more damage Star-Lord and the other Guardians will take from enemies.
  • Shield Regeneration – Can be set from Very Low to Very High. This setting determines how long Star-Lord’s shield will start regenerating after taking damage. This also takes the rate of regeneration and extent of the shield’s damage into account when it’s depleted.
  • Death Event Timer – Can be set from Easy to Hardcore. This determines the amount of time an ally is in danger before they get overwhelmed.
  • Vulnerability Timer – Adjusted via slider. This determines the length of time that an enemy retains vulnerabilities applied by Guardians’ abilities.
  • Death Gate – Can be set from Very Easy to Very Hard. The Death Gate is the number of times your character needs to get hit before dying after the HP reaches 0, as well as the length of time a player is in danger before they recover.
  • Objects Outline – Can be switched on or off. The white outline around objects the Guardians interact with disappears if this setting is switched off. You may have to use Star-Lord’s visor more regularly to seek out opportunities to interact with certain objects.
  • Compass System – Can be switched on or off. Shutting this setting off will disable the Compass normally shown in visor. Without any indications on your next destination, you have to explore more of the environment.
  • Hints System – Can be set from Instant to None. This system delivers hints when you’ve been stuck on something for too long. When you set it to Instant, hints will be delivered at a rapid pace. Otherwise, you can turn it off entirely and not get any hints at all.