All accessibility options in Battlefield 2042

Mostly visual accessibility options on offer here.

Press image of Battlefront 2042

Image via Electronic Arts

Battlefield 2042 may be an online shooter, but it is slower-paced than most modern online shooters. With the proper accessibility options, it can be more playable than online games that require more moment-to-moment action. Our guide details what to expect from Battlefield 2042’s accessibility options.

All accessibility options can be tweaked in-game, so you don’t have to make adjustments between matches. Before getting into the gameplay experience itself, Battlefield 2042 has a toggle that enables narration within the options menu. There is no narration when navigating the core menus to find game modes, however. There is also an option that will convert incoming voice chat into text.

General accessibility options

From here, Battlefield 2042’s accessibility options expand a bit more, detailed below:

  • Colorblind – Can be set to off, custom, deuteranopia, tritanopia, and protanopia colorblind presets. The custom option lets you individually select the HUD colors for your squad, friendlies outside the squad, enemies, and neutral points of interest like a control point that hasn’t been captured yet.
  • Motion Blur – This slider changes how much the screen blurs during camera motion. It is set to a default value of 50.
  • HUD Motion – This on/off toggle lets you set whether or not the HUD moves depending on player actions such as running or being hit by explosions.
  • Camera Shake Amount – Slider that lets you adjust how much the camera shakes during intense sequences like explosions. It is set to a default value of 100.
  • Crosshair Projection – With crosshair projection enabled, the crosshair is projected, which is supposed to lessen the feeling of motion sickness. With it disabled, the crosshair remains static, always aligned with the center of the screen.
  • Controller Vibration – This on/off toggle lets you turn controller vibration off or keep it on. You can not adjust its intensity.
  • Reload Hints – With this setting turned on, a prompt shows up on the bottom center of the screen, telling you to reload when your magazine is low.
  • Hints for Controls – This on/off toggle will remind you of each vehicle’s basic controls while you’re in them.

Subtitles and controls

There is a simple on/off toggle for subtitles and the option to alter subtitle text size with small, medium, and large presets.

  • Soldier Sprint – You can either hold the stick to continue sprinting or set it as a toggle to continue sprinting after pushing the stick.
  • Double Tap Forward to Sprint – There are off, sprint, and autosprint options. With sprint, you will double tap forward and need to continue holding forward to keep sprinting. Autosprint will continue sprinting even after you release the forward input.
  • Soldier Weapon Zoom – This lets you choose whether to hold a button to aim down sights or toggle it with a single push.
  • Steady Scope – This lets you choose whether steadying the scope requires holding the button or toggle it with a single push.
  • Vehicle Weapon Zoom – This lets you choose whether to hold a button to zoom in with vehicle weapons or toggle it with a single push.
  • Revive Interaction – With the hold option, you’ll need to hold the button to revive an ally. With the toggle option, you just need to push the button once.
  • Request/Skip Revive – With the hold option, you’ll need to hold the button to both skip and request revives. With the toggle option, you can redeploy and request revives by pushing the button once.