All accessibility options in Halo Infinite

Visual and audio options make competitive gaming more accessible.

photo of master chief in halo infinite

Image via 343 Industries

New players to Halo Infinite multiplayer may want to know what to expect regarding accessibility options. Considering it features crossplay between Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, there is a wide audience to tap into. Factoring in its free-to-play nature, which doesn’t require an Xbox Live subscription, the potential Halo audience is more significant than ever. The guide below details what accessibility options you can expect upon booting the title.

Language options

Halo Infinite lets players independently set the spoken language from the displayed text. While it only supports English audio, here are the supported text languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Italian, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, and Brazillian Portuguese.

Menu navigation

  • Linear Navigation Mode – Allows for simpler menu navigation that lets you reach tabs at the bottom and top of the screen with a single flick
  • UI Narration – This self-explanatory option only works with English set as the visual language.
  • UI Narration Rate – Adjust the speed of UI narration
  • UI Narration Volume – Adjust the volume of UI narration
  • Text Size – Adjust the size of UI text specifically
  • Text Scroll Speed – Adjust the speed at which text scrolls


  • Visibility – There are on, off, and automatic toggles. Automatic enables subtitles if the voice and text language are different.
  • Display – Options for Story Only or All. With Story Only enabled, subtitles only appear for dialogue coming from major characters. All option displays subtitles for every bit of spoken dialogue.
  • Size – Adjust subtitle size with three presets.
  • Background Opacity – Slider for setting the opacity of the background for subtitle text boxed.
  • Highlight – Enables options for distinguishing subtitle colors by either speaker name or the entire line of dialogue.


  • Enemy UI Color – Select enemy UI colors from 16 presets
  • Friendly UI Color – Select friendly UI colors from 16 presets
  • Fireteam Marker Color – Select the color of Fireteam markers from 16 presets
  • Reticle Outline Opacity – Slider for altering the reticle’s opacity
  • Reticle Outline Thickness – Slider for altering the thickness of the reticle’s outline
  • HUD Opacity – Slider for setting the HUD opacity


  • Text to speech – Text is translated to spoken audio
  • Speech to text – Player voices are transcribed as text


  • Blur – Slider to set the amount of blur applied to the screen during specific scenarios such as explosions and sprinting
  • Screen Shake – Slider to set how much the screen shakes during intense moments such as explosions
  • Exposure – Slider to set the intensity of certain effects such as bright flashes from explosions
  • Full Screen Effects – Slider to set the transparency of full screen effects such as shield recharges
  • Speed Lines – Set whether to turn on or off the wind streaks that display along the edges of the screen when sprinting
  • Sharpening – Set to a default value of 60%, lower sharpness blends scene elements together due to the reduced sharpness. A higher value makes it easier to separate distinct scene elements.