All Alien Plushie locations – How to unlock the Roswell Alien in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

The truth is out there.

Image via Vicarious Visions

One of the best things about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is that it feels very old school in its content. Not only do you have the time trial goals to contend with, but there’s a bunch of collectibles that allow you to unlock extra secrets. 

A set of alien plushies is one such set, and collecting all of them by running over them will unlock one of the coolest costumes in the game in the form of the Roswell Alien. It requires some work to find them as there is one hidden across every level in the game. 

Thankfully, most of them are in easy to access locations, so it won’t be too tough to get your alien skateboard groove on. Here are all the plushie locations in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.


As you roll down the ramp and into the warehouse, take a sharp left to where the ramp is and head over it, up to the upper quarter-pipe. On top of here, you will see the plushie in the top right corner of the ramp.


As soon as the run starts, head off to the right where you will find a small grassy area covered in shade. It’s not easy to spot, but the plushie will be hidden in the corner. Run into the corner to squish it. 


Once you have completed the coffee grind gap rail, roll down the ramp but stop as you reach the bottom and take a sharp right. Next to a door with a parking sign above should be a plushie hiding in the corner.


Once you spawn into the level, stop, and turn around to where the judges are placed. Above them, you will see a stat point, but if you head up to it, you will also find a plushie hidden close to the steel beam.


Head up to the rooftops by using the large vehicle transporter, where you’ll then reach the roof via a curved stairwell. Once there, you should see the wooden bowl. Enter here, and if you head over to the far right side with the triangle corner, it will be hidden on the outer side of the bowl.

Downhill Jam

No downhill jamming needed here. If you simply turn around at the spawn point, you’ll spot the little alien plushie in the right-hand corner. 


This one is between the concrete supports as you look up. You will need to head to the ramp underneath the triangular concrete gap and transfer up to it. If you hit it correctly, you’ll squish the alien upon landing. 


The plushie here will be behind the sign on top of the store that has an American flag hanging from it. It’s also identifiable by the glass room with the checkerboard floor.


This little dude is in the secret bowl room that contains the flying saucer and tank. As you enter, the plushie should be behind the door at the top of the bowl.

The Hanger

In the secret outdoor space with the videotape that is accessible by grinding the helicopter blades, if you take a hard left as you enter it, the plushie will be hidden in the corner around the snow.

School 2

Once beginning a run, head down to the right which leads to a large courtyard. You should see a green awning with a stat point on it. Use the lockers to then ollie up onto it and the plushie will be in the alcove.


Head past the transitions covered in graffiti until you reach a grassy wall with a small portion boarded up. Wall grind on this, and it should open up a little area that leads to a crypt. In this section, a plushie will be sat on a small raised concrete platform in the corner. You’ll need to be quick for this one as you’ll only have 60 seconds to grab it.

NY City

The game will highlight to you the challenge to 50-50 Joey’s Sculpture, and here is where you need to head to. Under it is a quarter pipe that you can ride up. On the other side of this is a plushie sitting on the floor.

Venice Beach

Near the concrete bowls is a wooden boardwalk by the edge of the map. If you follow this along, doing your best to avoid the sand, you will eventually come to a concrete quarter. Between this and a wall will be a plushie hidden here.


This one is one of the toughest to reach in the game. First, you must grind one of the hanging rails to open up the secret outside area. Ride around the corner and you will find two quarter-pipes with a large gap between them. If you ride up the pipe on the right towards the wall, you will spot a very thin platform to land on. As you get some air up there, you will see a plushie sitting on the wall. You need to get the angle right to land on the wall, and then ride over the plushie.


First, grind the telephone wires as this will give you access to the area underneath the freeway. Make your way to the wooden makeshift half-pipe and behind it will be a plushie under the steps. This one is easy to miss with the poor lightning so take care.

The Bullring

On the outer raised ring of the arena, follow the wall around and the plushie should be next to the curved ramp that leads to the middle section of the bullring.

Chopper Drop

This one should be fairly easy to find as it is on the platform at the roll-in to the enormous half pipe.

Skate Heaven

To unlock Skate Heaven, you will need to have completed every goal on the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 tour first. After this, you can head into the level and first activate the volcano by grinding the gap on the blue neon rail. Then, you need to do a leap of faith into the volcano using one of the close half-pipes to gain speed. Once through, you will be transported to a secret location. From here, keep left and you should encounter a wooden quarter pipe that the last plushie will be sitting by. 

Once completed, head the main menu and then the challenges tab. Here, you will find the Roswell Alien ready for you to choose. Picking him gives you full stats in everything, for those looking to go a little more crazy in the game.