All Ancient Elveria Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

In Ancient Elveria, new life sprouts from tons of undead.

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Toward the end of North Vern’s quest-line, Lost Ark players will join Thar, Vern Castle’s Knight Commander, in pursuit of Sigmund and his rogue band of necromancers operating out of Ancient Elveria. Despite the pressing threat that undead creatures pose on the innocent citizens of Vern, observant and thorough players can still afford to search this dungeon’s corners for collectible Mokoko Seeds.

Seed one: Beneath a birch tree

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After entering the dungeon from the southeast and deftly leaping a few gaps, the player’s first instinct would be to pursue the nearest quest marker and join Thar. However, turning to the south and walking a short distance from the final gap, they can find the dungeon’s first Mokoko Seed, lying nearly in plain sight.

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Seed two: A big crash and a little detour

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Fighting northwest through a commune of necromancers, the player and Thar are suddenly ambushed by a dragon, whose powerful blow drives them through a stone wall to the east. Relatively unharmed, the player can walk due south to find a Mokoko Seed in the corner of this new room.

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Seed three: Along the Sacred Corridor

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Proceeding down the Sacred Corridor — after having been batted through a wall by a dragon, no less — the player and Thar will re-encounter this dragon, whose weight splits the corridor in two. Not long after passing the gap created by the dragon, the player can find a Mokoko Seed near the northern wall.

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Seeds four and five: Behind a crumbling wall

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Moving south, the player encounters an arena in which they battle through reanimated pilgrims, warhounds, and the three necromancers responsible for summoning them all. After clearing these enemies, the player can find a pair of cleverly hidden Mokoko Seeds that are right next to one another, yet concealed by the only standing portion of the southernmost wall.

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Seeds six and seven: Backtracking and wall-cracking

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This pair of Mokoko Seeds is found behind a wall northeast of the Contaminated Ruins’ hallway. This wall can only be passed through once the player has defeated Nignath, the mid-boss of the dungeon, and returned to the ruins. Reaching Nignath requires that the player wears a necromancer’s disguise and manages to sneak past the summoning ritual occurring in the Ruins’ northernmost chamber, all without raising the alarm or interrupting the ceremony.

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Seed eight: Behind a gate

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After proceeding past the previous summoning ritual through whatever means necessary, the player can leave the Contaminated Ruins through the eastern door. Passing a wrought iron gate on the trek north, they can then double back to the right of the gate, finding a lone Mokoko Seed nestled in between the gate and the fence.

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Seed nine: Sigmund’s houseplant

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Once Nignath has been defeated, the player will ride a lift across a chasm to the final, northernmost portion of the dungeon. There, Sigmund and his waves of Necromantic minions will begin to surround and overwhelm them, leading to a large skirmish. Should the player spare a moment from combat, they can find another Mokoko Seed to the right of the circular centerpiece in the arena’s floor, next to some giant exposed roots.

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Seed ten: The boss fight spectator

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Once his summons have been defeated, Sigmund will retreat to his laboratory, where he will pit Garum, the dragon that had bashed the player before, against the player in one-on-one combat. Upon Garum’s defeat, Sigmund will then assume his final form and fight the player himself. After both bosses have been bested, the player can find the dungeon’s final Mokoko Seed, seated to the northeast of Sigmund’s Laboratory beneath a dead tree.

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