Scar in Wuthering Waves
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All Answers to Scar’s Questions in Wuthering Waves

Players must gather clues to confront Scar during the Ominous Star main quest, or they can just check the right answers in this guide.

In Wuthering Waves, players will need to gather various clues to confront Scar during the Ominous Star main quest. However, if you prefer to speed through the quest, you can find all the answers to Scar’s questions in Wuthering Waves below.

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Scar’s Questions and Answers in Wuthering Waves

Players must gather clues during the “Investigate the Clues Pointed Out by Scar” objective and then confront Scar in Wuthering Waves. After that, Scar will ask a series of questions to test their understanding of the situation. Here are all the questions and correct answers:

QuestionCorrect Answer
Who was the real culprit behind the diminishing number of lambs?The shepherd
What price did the lambs pay for their wishes?Their lives
What happened to the black lamb?It was murdered by its flock and the shepherd
Scar questions the player in Wuthering Waves by Kuro Games
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What Happens If You Choose the Wrong Answers?

There are no penalties for choosing the wrong answers to Scar’s questions. The game’s main quest will continue regardless of your responses, and you will still need to confront Scar as a boss. As disappointing as it may sound, the only difference lies in Scar’s responses to each answer. He will react based on what you choose to answer, providing slight variations in the narrative but no impact on the progression or rewards.

What Happens If You Attack Scar?

During the “Investigate the Clues Pointed Out by Scar” objective, players have the option to skip the questioning phase by attacking Scar directly instead of indulging in conversation.

Selecting the “Attack Him” option twice and then choosing “Shut up and fight me properly!” will initiate the fight, skipping the clue-gathering objective and Scar’s questions entirely.

This choice takes you directly to the Chaotic Juncture: Spark dungeon and is a good way to skip ahead if you’re not that interested in playing Scar’s games. There’s no penalty in doing that. This choice just provides players with a more straightforward, combat-focused path.

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