All answers to the Academics Wanted quiz in Soul Hackers 2

Answer questions and get money.

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Many requests in Soul Hackers 2 are pretty standard fair. You’re usually killing marked targets, delivering items to NPCs, or acquiring specific items for clients. The Academics Wanted request, however, tasks you with completing a short quiz. With no real information or clues found within the game itself, it can be quite tricky. Read our guide if you want all the answers to this pesky quiz.

Accepting the Academics Wanted request

The Academics Wanted request doesn’t become available until after completing the required portion of Arrow’s Soul Matrix as part of the main story. After leaving this area, yet before gaining access to the Central Line, you’ll able to pick up this request from Club Cretaceous in Karakucho.

Upon accepting the request, you’ll have to use the world map to teleport to Roppo Realm. The client in question is standing in front of the Cirque du Goumaden entrance off to the left side in a green hoodie. Talk this NPC, named Kyuta, to initiate the quiz. There aren’t any penalties for failure. You’re able to retake the quiz endlessly, but with no indications of which questions you answered correctly, blindly guessing isn’t going to help you.

All Academics Wanted quiz answers

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The answers to the following questions are as follows in the same order as they appear in Soul Hackers 2:

  • What is the current name of the country where the story of Night Mokoi originated? — Australia
  • What is the translated meaning of Jirae Koropokkur’s name? — Dweller beneath the butterbur
  • Which demon is also known by the title “count of death and destruction”? — Halphas

You get 6,000 yen as a reward for your troubles. It may not seem like much at this point in the game, but it’s easy money for the amount of time it takes.