All Apex Legends x Monster Energy collaboration UK exclusive Tesco rewards

Banner frames, Holo-Sprays, and a new weapon skin.

Tesco Exclusive Banner Frames

Image via Respawn

The Apex Legends x Monster Energy collaboration goes from September 1 to December 31 and has several limited-time cosmetics for Apex Legends you can get by purchasing cans of Monster Energy Drink. That said, there is also another way to unlock cosmetics too — if you’re in the United Kingdom.

There is a special three-brand collaboration between Apex Legends, Monster Energy, and Tesco for players that are living in the U.K. The subset of the promotion includes six exclusive cosmetics that players will not be able to unlock anywhere else, not even through the main part of the promotion. Here is every Tesco UK-exclusive unlock for the Apex Legends x Monster Energy collaboration.

Tesco Exclusive Cosmetics

These exclusive cosmetics were shared with the headline “Get more with Tesco’s / Find out more in the stores,” implying that one would have to actually go to a Tesco location in order to receive the codes for the special cosmetics listed. All six of these items are Rare in value.

All Tesco UK Exclusives
Images via Respawn

Legend Banner Frames

  • High Voltage (Rare Wattson Banner Frame)
  • The Formula (Rare Octane Banner Frame)
  • Aces High (Rare Fuse Banner Frame)


  • Charged Up (Rare Holo-Spray)
  • Free Your Speed (Rare Holo-Spray)

Weapon Skins

  • Electric Momentum (Rare Havoc skin)