All Aquilok’s Tail Mokoko Seed locations in Lost Ark

Follow the tail trail.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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If you’re making a point of hunting down all the Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark, you’ll definitely have to get used to picking through every inch of the game’s world for camouflaged hiding spots. But you’ll also get used to checking more than just the occasional suspicious shrub. Especially in dungeons, Lost Ark keeps many of its best secrets hidden off the map itself. Being an early dungeon, Aquilok’s Tail is one of the first places in the game that will require you to find secret out-of-bounds areas to find these tiny collectibles.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The biggest general tip here is to recognize that as you work your way through this dungeon, there will be a few points where you won’t be able to backtrack. It’s not terribly punishing, as the dungeon is relatively short, but it’s still a good idea to try to get your Mokoko Seeds on the first pass.

The first two seeds in this dungeon are in a hidden room that you can reach by walking through this giant ribcage shown above. Once you find the room, the seeds are clearly visible and directly next to each other.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The third and fourth seeds are in another hidden area that simply involves turning left on this path and heading off the edge of the map. After you find this hidden area, the other two seeds should be much easier to find, as they are both in-bounds, hiding in some foliage.