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All Archon mods and abilities in Warframe: Veilbreaker

Build a bigger and better Warframe.

The Warframe: Veilbreaker update features an assortment of Archon Mods to collect. These Archon Mods are based on mods that have been around since Warframe was created. This update features the Veilbreaker cinematic quest, and fan favorite Grineer soldier Khal-175 returns as a playable character. Kahl plays a vital role in obtaining these powerful mods. This guide will explain all the Archon Mods and abilities in Warframe and how they work.

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All Archon Mods in Warframe

Archon Mods are based on longstanding Warframe upgrades with an added twist. These mods are designed explicitly for characters looking to specialize and experiment with late-game builds. They will also work particularly great in the Archon Hunts themselves.

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Archon Mods can be upgraded several times like any other mod in Warframe. These are the Archon Mods and their stats at their maximum rank.

  • Archon Continuity
    • +55% Ability Duration. Abilities that inflict a Toxin Status Effect will also apply a Corrosive Status Effect.
  • Archon Flow
    • +275% Energy Max. Enemies killed by Cold Damage have a 10% chance to drop an Energy Orb. Cooldown: 10s.
  • Archon Intensify
    • +30% Ability Strength. Restoring Health with abilities grants +30% Ability Strength for 10s.
  • Archon Stretch
    • +45% Ability Range. Abilities that deal Electricity Damage restore +2 Energy/s over 5s.
  • Archon Vitality
    • +440% Health. Status Effects from Abilities that deal Heat Damage will be applied twice.

These Mods can be earned via Kahl’s Garrison. You will unlock this faction after completing the Veilbreaker quest. This garrison will act as a Syndicate, and they can be leveled up via weekly Garrison Assignments. Completing these Garrison Assignments will earn you a new currency called Stock. You can then use Stock to purchase Archon Mods and use them to give your Warframe an edge during Archon Hunts.

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