How to get and use Archon Shards in Warframe: Veilbreaker – Earth, Mars, and Jupiter

Start your Warframe rock collection with style.

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Archon Shards are an endgame resource added in the Warframe Veilbreaker update. Archons are a dangerous fusion between Warframe and Sentient, and they serve their Tau overlords against the Tenno. Archon Shards can be earned via Archon Hunts. These hunts are an end-game activity designed for the best and most experienced Warframe players. This guide will explain how to get and use Archon Shards in Warframe.

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How to get Archon Shards in Warframe

Archon Shards can be obtained in two methods. The first method is Archon Hunts. These missions are designed to test your best loadouts and require patience, skill, and a great loadout to be beaten. The second method of obtaining Archon Shards is through Kahl’s Garrison. Kahl’s Garrison will let players purchase one Archon Shard per week.

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Archon Hunts are sortie style missions. The Veilbreaker update added three Archon Shards that you can obtain from three different planets: Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. Each of these planet’s Archon Hunts will be on a weekly rotation. These missions start at level 130, so use the in-game group finder and prepare your best Warframe and weapons to survive these challenging encounters. Successfully completing all three of these missions will grant you one Archon Shard corresponding with the planet that was featured for the week.

How to use Archon Shards in Warframe

Once you acquire your Archon Shard, you must equip it on a Warframe of your choosing. To do this, you must install the Helminth Archon Shard Segment. You will obtain the blueprint for this upgrade after completing the Veilbreaker quest. This upgrade requires the following items to craft it successfully:

  • Ten Devolved Namalon
  • Two Entrati Lanthorns
  • Five Sporulate Sac
  • 50 Thrax Prisms

All of these items can be found on the planet Deimos. Use Nekros and use his Desecrate skill to farm these materials efficiently.

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After you craft this upgrade, you can then use your Helminth to equip up to five Archon Shards per Warframe. These shards can be removed, but at the cost of Helmitnh bile so make sure to equip them on the right Warframe. There are three distinct Archon Shards, each providing its own additive stat boosts.

Amber Archon Shard

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This Archon Shard is utility focused and drops from Achon Nira via the Jupiter Archon Hunt. It provides the following stat boosts.

  • +30% Maximum Energy is filled on Spawn.
  • +100% Effectiveness on Health Orbs.
  • +50% Effectiveness on Energy Orbs.
  • +25% Casting Speed.
  • +15% Parkour Velocity.

Azure Archon Shard

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This is a defensive-focused Archon Shard that drops from Archon Boreal during the Earth Archon Hunt. It provides the following stat boosts.

+150 Health.
+150 Shield Capacity.
+50 Energy Max.
+150 Armor.
+5 Health regeneration per second.

Crimson Archon Shard

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This is an offense-based Archon Shard that drops from Archon Amar during the Mars Archon Hunt. It provides the following stat boosts:

+25% Melee Critical Damage.
+25% Primary Status Chance.
+25% Secondary Critical Chance.
+10% Ability Strength.
+10% Ability Duration.

You can equip five of these Archon Shards on each Warframe to maximize their potential or mix and match to create your custom builds. Tackle the weekly Archon Hunts and head to Kahl’s Garrison to begin your Archon Shard collection.